8 Tips for Writing Attractive Job Letter and Resume

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Writing a cover letter or resume has to be the trickiest part of the job-hunting process. Most dread this task and hesitate from writing a cover letter. This very reason reflects on their resume and shows the lack of the interest of the candidates. Although with the advancement of the technology where everything has become somewhat easier so is the writing part of life as well. 

Now it is just the one click away and you can find the multiple templates of resumes and cover letters. 

The only thing you have to do is select and you are good to go. 90% of the time when people sit down to write something, they tend to look up online for suggestions. They are right about that though because you can find a lot of answers on the web. 

Hope you are ready for some amazing tips for writing the cover letter and resumes because we have listed some important tips for all newcomers who are stepping into practical lives and looking for ways to shine through their resumes.  

1. Ensure You Write a New Cover Letter For Each Job Opening 


If you want to stand a chance among the many candidates that are applying, then we would advise you to write the individual cover letter for each job. This way your cover letter and resume will have distinctive characteristics than others. Also, every type of job needs a somewhat different type of experience and they probably have a format of resume. So, make sure to look that up and research your way through before applying for any job. A single piece of resume cannot get you through a lot of job places. 

2. Do Not Shy Away from Using the Template

As you must write the multiple cover letter for jobs then there are online templates from which you can get benefit from. They tell you how to write the resumes, sometimes the whole format is given and you just have to put in your details and edit it out a little and you are good to go. 

We would recommend you not to use these templates as such because it creates a bad impression of you.

Rephrase Your Template to Make it Unique.

Try to change the sentences a little bit so it does not seem plagiarized. There are many sentences changing tools that can be helpful. They help you paraphrase the sentences and called the paraphrasing machines. 

There are many paraphrase generator tools online which are getting the hype these days and are the choice of many writers. 

There is an environment of every organization. A job applicant will be more successful if he or she is willing to write in the culture and environment of the organization. You can do that by spending some time on the website of the company.  

3. Write the Killer Opening Line


When it comes to the format of writing, obviously the most important part is the opening sentence. Try to create the opening sentence that develops interests for the employer. Remember that person probably must-see dozens of job applications a day. Therefore, what is that one thing that will compel him to call you for the job interview? At that stage, only the cover letter or your resume is your only advocate. So, it is your only weapon at that time. 

4. Try to show the Employer Beyond the Resume

Cover letters and resumes are an absolute part of the job searching process. But you must decide what your offer is beyond the scope of your resume. For example, everyone writes and almost starts their resume with a sentence like ‘’I’m excited to apply for this job, etc.’’ instead try introducing yourself with something with the snappy statement that shows the excitement of the job in your cover letter. 

Also, many people write like I was the managing head of the XYZ organization, and my duties and function include ABC tasks. This is great but if you answer the question like what did you do tackle a specific issue that was hindering a big project etc. this will be a good impression of you instead of usual and monotonous questions. 

5. Showcase the Related Job Experience 


We all love to brag about the previous job experiences and no doubt they are excellent ways to tell the employer how you are a great fit for this job. 

Highlight your most recent job experience first, they will be listed above the resume. You think you are the best person for the job, but the experience contradicts this notion. There is no need to give much limelight to these experiences and showcase as you are the perfect person for the job. Remember marketing is key in this situation too.  

6. Portray Your Skills

It is perfectly fine to tell the employer that you are the only fit person for the job. This is possibly the only way if you portray your skills smartly. Do not sell yourself short. If you think that experience does match with the possible future job, then in your resume only focus on the skills that you think you have that make you suitable for this job. Because the employer does not have the know-how of your skills, therefore, it is your task to portray them correctly.

7. Do not Put a Lot of Focus on Education 


Many newcomers put a lot of focus on education. However, in practical life, it is the experience that matters the most. It is the advice to the students who are stepping into the practical life that give the details of the internship if there are any or group projects and other job experiences if you have any. 

Hiring managers are interested in these areas of life instead of education, therefore, do not overfocus education. 

8. Downplay Your Enthusiasm 

It is great to be enthusiastic about the job. It shows the interest of the job applicant. But go easy on the adverbs like “really excited for the job’’ and “thrilled for the opportunity’’ because the cover letters and resumes are flooded with these adjectives. Although it is right to show your personality that is filled with creativity and excitement but play yourself as a normal person. 

Many people shy away from talking about themselves. We understand that it is hard to talk about yourself. But remember cover letters and job applications are all about showcasing your personality and skills. Try looking at it as what your teachers say about you or what your friends say about you. This way you will be able to write about yourself. 


In the end, we would recommend that you write a cover letter that is not very lengthy. Most employers prefer the cover letter that is short and not more than 250 words. That almost becomes half a page. It is very tempting for a person to finish off the sentences with phrases like “I’m very excited to hear from you”.

However, the closing paragraph is the last chance of you telling the employer about your interest in the job, etc. therefore, do not fill the space just by mere words. You can also finish the cover letter by saying something intriguing and positive like you are willing to relocate for the job.

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