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With an increasing number of job seekers in the market, thanks to the strides achieved in the education system, many employers are faced with the challenge of receiving many applications per position. For example, jobs posted on BrighterMonday on average receive about 50 application in a day. Imagine a 30-day window. 

The challenge is when employers receive subpar applications from desperate job seekers who are trying to land a job by all means, even if it means applying for positions that are way senior to their experiences or those they don’t have the education background for. The sad truth is that they have to contend with both qualified and unqualified applications. 

For example, you might find a job seeker with 2 years experience in procurement applying for a 10-year experience position or a marketing professional with 3 years of experience throwing her net for a recruitment position requiring someone with  4 years of experience. Positions that are highly sought after like Marketing, Sales and Project Management tends to receive a lot of applications. 

best match

It should be remembered that many employers would post their jobs on multiple platforms to increase their chances of landing the right talent. This dramatically increases the number of applications they receive at the end of the application window. 

The task of sieving through multiple applications puts a lot of pressure on human resource professionals who have to go through all the applications to find the right candidates for interviews. This takes much of their time that could otherwise be directed towards fulfilling other HR-related innovative tasks.

Best Match Algorithm

BrighterMonday Tanzania has been at the forefront when it comes to innovating the hiring solutions for employers using its digital recruitment platform. Initially, the employers could filter applications based on the key requirements such as years of experience, minimum qualification, etc. 

best match algorithm

Now, BrighterMonday is introducing a whole new technology that will take this to a whole new level by helping them to find the right fit in the shortest time possible. Best Match is a technology from BrighterMonday that helps identify the best fitting candidates for the position and then prioritize them so the employer can see them first. 

It does this using a very sophisticated algorithm that matches the job requirements and the profiles of the candidates that have applied for the said job. After identifying the right fit, the algorithm would push up those candidates’ applications in the Employer Dashboard for the hiring managers to see them first before the rest of the applications. The algorithm is able to pick the right profiles thanks to the concerted efforts of BrighterMonday of ensuring that many job seekers fill their profiles up to 100%. 

Now with Best Match, hiring managers can spend the least amount of time going through applications they have advertised on BrighterMonday. 

Mili Rughani who is the CEO of BrighterMonday Tanzania said, “The Best Match product uses a mix of HR experts and our automated matching algorithm to sort and rank candidates that best match the criteria an employer is looking for in a role.  The mix is critical since it ensures that science and experience are combined effectively to ensure that an employer gets the very best out of the candidates that have applied for the role.”

Employers who use the Best Match product will get up to 10 best matches within the first 7 days of their job posting going live.  This saves an employer so much time and for those that are not too tech-savvy, ensures that they can get access to the best matching candidates without too much effort.  In addition to this, employers get access to over 1 million candidates in the BrighterMonday candidate database, 80% who are fully profiled and have undergone behavioural tests.” added Rughani.

best match

The Future of Jobs 2018 Report courtesy of the World Economic Forum cited that many employers’ retraining and upskilling efforts remained focused on a narrow set of current highly-skilled, highly-valued employees. This means hiring the best fit.  BrighterMonday with this new value proposition is guaranteeing employers the Best Match, for their roles.

Simbo Natai, the HR Manager of African Safari who has enjoyed the services of the Best Match had this to say. “I received so many applications when I had posted a job and I couldn’t deal with all that because I didn’t have time. I had to ask BrighterMonday to find an alternative solution that will help me find only the best matching applications. Best Match is truly an amazing product because it simplifies my job,” said Simbo Natai.

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