BrighterMonday Offers You the Best Reach for Quick Hiring

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Getting the best talent for a certain role in your company can be frustrating. When you think about the process of broadcasting your advert, filtering applications and interviewing candidates is tiring. BrighterMonday understands the frustration of companies when it comes to hiring the right fit. The hiring process is a time issue. With each passing day of an open vacancy, companies are incurring costs.

Effects of Delayed Hiring

For senior positions, the delay means that key decisions and strategies are not taken while for junior positions it might mean that tasks are not executed. Hiring late affects the bottom line because vacant positions affect productivity and profitability. 

It should also be noted that the lengthy recruitment process puts a strain on the existing team since they have to shoulder the responsibility of the vacant position. So, finding the right fit earlier is key for organizational success and team morale. 

Get the Best Reach for Quick Hiring

When it comes to filling vacant positions, companies need the best reach when they advertise their positions. The algorithm of the best reach is very simple. The number of views of a position in a given time. The best reach means that the position has to be seen by many job seekers in the shortest period of time. 

The best reach translates into the position receiving many applications in the shortest period of time. At BrighterMonday we pride ourselves for having a platform that can guarantee not less than 50 applications per position, per day on average. 

We do this in a number of ways. We provide our clients with listing prominence which means that their jobs are listed on top of the page. More job seekers will view positions with prominence status and this way employers can get more applications in the shortest time.

However, it is not just listing prominence that we give to our clients. BrighterMonday employs a wide range of tools. A job seeker newsletter is one of the powerful tools that bring jobs to job seekers’ inboxes. This allows them to see the positions available on the platform and apply for them quickly. 

BrighterMonday has also added alerts to the site which helps job seekers to receive alerts whenever a position of their interest is posted on the platform. To support this, we have worked hard on making sure that more job seekers have added alerts to their profiles through a campaign.

BrighterMonday mobile App has also been a tool for providing job visibility. Statistics show that most people are using Apps to access different information on the go. BrighterMonday job seekers can check jobs available through the App whenever they want. 

But it should also be remembered that more than 2 million people visit the website in a month from the branding and continuous communication on what we do. This together with tools like listing prominence, newsletters and alerts provide maximum reach for positions our clients.

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