Skills Assessment: How to Select the Best and Hire Right

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In a race to recruit top talent candidates, many hiring managers are now switching to Skills Assessment Tools. They are designed to help them filter through hundreds of candidate pools during the employee hiring process. 

Recently, one of the tough experiences of hiring managers is how they can get the right assessment tool for the jobs they are advertising. Which skills assessment tools have the most accuracy in terms of their relationship to predicting job performance.

Here are three simple steps to consider when identifying the best Assessment Tool that will help you hire the right candidate.

1. Consider the Cost and Time

The cost of paying for the assessment tool and the time it takes to get the result is the first consideration to put in mind when selecting the right assessment for your advertised job. Some assessment tools charges per application. That is, the employer will have to pay for each time the job seeker takes a test. This makes it expensive especially when a lot of job seekers will turn up for that advertised post. 

With BrighterMonday Skills Assessment, you only pay for one test and use it for all applicants. This makes it cost-effective especially for areas where there is a lot of unemployed looking for job opportunities everywhere. 

2. What Do You Need to be Tested

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The second factor to consider is the core competencies and skills that need to be measured in the tool. The right tool for skills assessment should be job-relevant and accurate. You can start by conducting an analysis to determine what skills are important for the job position you advertised. Ensure that you pick the most important skills and those that can be measured. 

BrighterMonday Skills Assessment has specially designed & unique tests for all major job role categories. This ensures that employees are testing for relevant skills pertaining to the job role.

3. The Simplicity of Technology

Consider-the-Simplicity-of-Technology best skills assessment

Thirdly, consider the simplicity of the whole process of advertising to getting the right candidate for the position you want. It is important that all the process be done in one platform so as to avoid data loss during downloading and uploading them to a different platform. For example, if you have advertised a job with skills assessment in one platform and you need to download the results manually or move them to another platform for analytics, that is already a complicated process.  

BrighterMonday Skills Assessment allows you to set up the test, review performance, and sort candidates, all in one place, making it easy to use. You can just apply a test to your advertised job, then you will get all the results of the test under the employer dashboard. There, you can be able to filter candidates based on results and other categories of your consideration using a simple Applicant Tracking System technology. 

4. How is the Data Provided

How-is-the-Data-Provided Consider-the-Simplicity-of-Technology best skills assessment

Data is important to make unbiased hiring decisions that work. The results will be more diversity across gender, ethnicity, experience, and more. With BrighterMonday Skills Assessment, you can get a detailed assessment report for every candidate. You can also filter these reports and get the best match candidates so that you can review them by yourself or with colleagues.

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