How to Evaluate Your Hiring Decision During a Crisis

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COVID-19 has drastically affected the nature of the workplace in Tanzania. Businesses have been forced to change their management style and adopt new norms; including new methods of hiring, onboarding, working and employee management are necessary to be obeyed for the sake of business survival. 

Making hiring decisions in the organization during the pandemic has become harder. A thorough evaluation of the need to hire is required. Questions such as the organization’s key goals, the essentiality of the role, revenue forecasting, logistic issues, and feasibility of the onboarding process need to be put in place. 

brightermonday employer handbook

To help you understand this process and more; BrighterMonday has released an Employer Handbook to help you manage your hiring process and teams better through this challenging period.  It is packed with best practice tips and advice from leading Tanzania’s HR experts!

The Ultimate Workforce Guide Through COVID and Beyond

This handbook is curated by expert advice and research insights that will guide you with best practices during the pandemic period and the future. 

It highlights key steps in the recruitment and decision-making process; work environment, and the new norms such as managing employees who are working from home and policies behind them. 

brightermonday employer handbook

Furthermore, the handbook is also addressing issues of effective communication between employer and employees; Performance Management, employees’ welfare as well as human resource strategy during and after the crisis. 

You can download your free copy of BrighterMonday’s Employer Handbook by using this link.

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Mustapha Mosha
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