A Synopsis of BrighterMonday Tanzania’s HR Forum

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Brighter Monday Tanzania hosted HR professionals and business leaders for an HR Breakfast themed around emotional intelligence. The event was held at the Best Western CBD Hotel in Dar Es Salaam. The theme stems from numerous pieces of research and publications that have determined that as the workplace evolves, individuals, from interns to managers, with higher EI are better equipped to work cohesively within teams, deal with change more effectively, and manage stress – thus enabling them to more efficiently pursue business objectives. 

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

mili_rughani hr forum

While opening the forum, BrighterMonday Tanzania CEO, Mili Rughani emphasized that; “Emotional intelligence is undoubtedly a valuable tool to utilize in the face of adversity; it has the potential to enhance not only leadership abilities and teamwork effectiveness but also personal resilience. In the context of a leadership role, one might expect increased responsibility to coincide with elevated potential stressors”; highlighting the importance of strong EI for those in leadership or management positions.

The main conversation revolved around how emotional intelligence can be used to craft better teams, build productive organizations, shape happier employees, and drive change to build greater business leaders and enterprises for a greater future.  The main takeaway for the attendees was that; emotional intelligence is a process and needs to keep practicing to master it.

Prior to the presentation from Mili, Clemens shared highlights about ROAM, and how it is creating the leading digital marketplaces and connecting Africans to jobs, homes, cars, etc.

Skills Assessment Product

hr forum Ezra Kimondo

Also during the session, Mr. Ezra Kimondo, Business Product Manager – BrighterMonday, walked the attendants through a Skills Assessment Product, explaining that; “The Skills Assessment Product empowers you to create a Quality Shortlist based on Aptitude and Technical Skills tests that are not easily discoverable from the CV”. He elaborated on how the product will make the hiring process easy, save time and improves quality hire.  

Final Remark

Giving the final remarks, Erca Uisso, Marketing Manager – BrighterMonday Tanzania summarised that, “It is important to judge ourselves not only on our professional skills but also on our ability to connect with our team, hence it is important to practice emotional intelligence both at the workplace & in daily life.”

hr forum

She concluded by thanking the attendants for participating saying that “BrighterMonday has previously held such forums which brought together professionals from the human resource space to brainstorm and network on employment matters and this is surely not the last.” She urged everyone to continue using the BrighterMonday platform for all their employment solutions and put to practice the leadership elements that were addressed to remain effective at their workplaces.

Mustapha Mosha
Mustapha Ally is a Community Marketing Manager at Zoom Tanzania and BrighterMonday Tanzania. He loves digital marketing social media