Role of HR in Ensuring Business Sustainability Amid COVID19

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The global spread of coronavirus pandemic is keeping everyone at home. Most part of the world is in mandatory lockdown and even places that don’t have a lockdown, people are encouraged to stay at home. Employers are implementing working from home policy for an indefinite amount of time. HR plays a crucial role in leading the COVID-19 response in organizations.

During a recent first digital event via Webinar, Erca Uisso, Marketing Manager at BrighterMonday Tanzania was joined by Reshma Bharmal-Sharif, the CEO at BrighterMonday Tanzania, Heather O’shea, Group Head of Talent – ROAM, Mosses Raymond, Human Capital Consultant, Trainer, Public Speaker, and Ezra Kimondo, the Product Manager at BrighterMonday  in discussing ‘The Role of HR in ensuring business sustainability amid COVID-19’

Changing trends of Talent Acquisition due to COVID-19 

Opening the discussion; Mosses Raymond shared his insights on how the recruitment process has been hardly impacted by the COVID19 pandemic, especially the traditional ways which include physical interaction. He shared tips that the business can adopt including:

  • Embracing new ways of doing things
  • Take advantage of experts-help during COVID 19
  • Encouraging feedback culture from employees during the working from home period


Then Ezra Kimondo, the Product Manager at BrighterMonday demonstrated how managers who are hiring from home can benefit from the BrighterMonday Skills Assessment tool especially now during the work from home challenge. He explained that; managers can mitigate the risk of hiring a wrong candidate by providing the test before they call them for an interview. You can read more about the BrighterMonday Skills Assessment tool here.

Best Practice for Managing and Leading a Team Remotely

Lastly; Heather O’shea, Group Head of Talent – ROAM explained how managers can help to ensure the mental health of their employees. She highlighted that; managers should encourage employees to take breaks during the day, enjoy funny activities and taking work leave and switch off from office works. She provided a guideline on how to work from home. You can download it here

You can watch the live webinar  below


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