Skills Assessment: Understanding the Results of Candidate

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CV can not give a hiring manager a full picture of the job seekers’ core skills to perform the required job. This is why technologies like BrighterMondays Skills Assessment tool has to be applied. They help employers to quickly screen job applicants for what matters most at the job. These tests can be added to employers’ job posts with just a few clicks.

Attaching a Skills Assessment Test to your Job Ad


After you log in into your BrightrerMonday employer dashboard and purchase an assessment credit; you can view an ‘Add Assessment’ checkbox down after filling the information of the job you are advertising. Then you will be taken to the Assessment Catalogue page where you will select the appropriate job function, desired assessment, and experience level.  Once you have picked which assessments to add to your job listing; all your job applicants will be invited to complete the tests when applying.

Job Seekers Experience


A job ad with an assessment will be labeled with an Assessment Tag on the website. All the job seekers will be informed about the job with an assessment and they can learn why they have to do it. After filling their application form, they can then proceed to take the assessment. They can be taken to the assessment window and they can do with both laptops and mobile phones. 

Sorting Applicants Based on their Scores


After the candidate completes the test; the employer can view the score and stats of their performance on the employer’s dashboard. Applications will be split into various statuses by their score, for beginners (0-25%), intermediate (26%-50%), proficient (51%-75%) and experts (76%-100%). Here, the employer can filter the dashboard to show different results such as only those who have completed the tests and their scores. 

With these results, the employer can make an informed decision about who to move to the next step of your hiring process.

When you use our skills test to evaluate your candidates, you allow candidates to put their best foot forward. This also removes some subjectivity from your hiring process, making it easier for you to find the best fit. 

With BrighterMonday’s skills assessments, the employer gets detailed information on a candidate’s skill strength and weakness based on our scientific scoring methodology.

This will make you understand your potential candidate better for a clearer path in learning and developing talent.

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Mustapha Mosha
Mustapha Ally is a Community Marketing Manager at Zoom Tanzania and BrighterMonday Tanzania. He loves digital marketing social media