5 Common Mistakes That Might Hurt Your Career Progression

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We both make mistakes during certain times of our career. Some mistakes are understood as part of the learning process (and they can be forgiven and forgotten). But some can hurt your career, especially the ones that turn into a habit when you are not aware know that you are making them.

Here are some common career mistakes that you might be doing without realizing that can hurt your reputation and career in the future.

1. Missing the Deadlines

missing deadlines career progress

Your career progression depends on whether you are able to meet your deadlines.  Being able to deliver quality work on time will satisfy your coworkers, clients and your manager as well. So if you keep missing deadlines, you are probably letting opportunities of your career advancement pass by. Ensure you protect your reputation by being honest about what you can deliver in a given time. Don’t try to impress someone by giving them false timelines. .. And if you have a limited time to accomplish it, be dynamic and ask for extension or help from your manager before the final hour. But remember to prioritize and learn to work quickly without being pushed

2. Overworking

Many people have the false notion that working more and more will impress your superiors and that taking time off is a sign of not working hard enough. This might turn out to be your major career block since you can get burned out. Work-life balance is a crucial part of your career. Have a life outside your work. You can join a book club, a cooking class, climb Mount Kilimanjaro or partake in activities that enrich your life and career. Remember to live life to the fullest and work hard.

3. Failing to Build Networks  

failing to build and maintain networks career progress

In this modern world, your career advancement is largely about who you know. So networking is key. It allows you to be connected with more people in your industry and become aware of more opportunities. But one common mistake most people do after landing a new job is forgetting to enrich their networks. It might sound like it doesn’t matter anymore, but without networks, you might get stuck in one place for a very long time. So it continues seeking and maintaining your professional networks.

4. Ignoring to Build Relationships with Coworkers

Your academic qualifications and IQ might have highly contributed to you landing your job. A good relationship with your coworkers will help you to communicate better and create a trusting and positive experience. According to a study, employees who have positive workplace relationships are happier at work and this directly impacts their productivity and creativity at work.

5. Not Asking for Help

not asking for help career progress

Sometimes at your workplace, you might feel shy asking for help out o  fear for appearing weak or incompetent in front of your colleagues. Imagine delivering a mediocre assignment just because you are afraid of tainting your reputation by asking for help from your colleague. This might end up affecting the entire project, your reputation and career as well. If you won’t ask for help from your colleagues, it means that you risk missing the opportunity to learn from those who know what you don’t know.


Mustapha Mosha
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