5 Tips for Taking Successful Career Risks

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career risks

Taking career risks is a lifetime endeavour. It is not just when you are looking for a job and sending application emails to HR or attending networking events, or during negotiations of your job offer. Career risk-taking goes further than that. To be successful, you need to take risks not only on a daily basis but in pivotal moments of your career. Here are some risk-taking tips that you need to follow whenever the opportunity knocks on your door.

  1. Raise Your Hand and Ask

career risks raise your hand ask

There are times in your career where a big opportunity presents itself. But this does not mean you have to wait for it to come to you. You need to take actions when you think the timing is right. If it is a job opening that has just come up in your office raise your hand. Show that you want the position by speaking to your superiors or HR. You need to be proactive in situations like these even if they might make you feel uncomfortable. Even if you won’t get what you want, at least you will have shown your superiors that you mean business and that you have dreams and ambitions for professional growth.

  1. Start with Manageable Risks

Before you take a  risk, make sure that you can handle both of its outcomes. So start small. Even if you have bigger dreams, set small milestones so that you won’t feel scared along the way as you make progress toward your big goal. You may choose to do just one thing every week that is directing you towards your bigger goal. This will make the following week t clearer for you. However, remember to be consistent on accomplishing these small little changes that will eventually become your big change.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Say No.

career risks don't be afraid to say no

Taking a risk in your career doesn’t mean you have to accept everything that is being thrown at you. During your career growth, your co-workers might try to ask for your time and attention. If you are comfortable balancing your tasks and helping them, then that is fine. But if you can’t, you should not be worried about what they want rather than your tasks. Saying ‘no’ so some of the tasks doesn’t mean that you are lazy, but you are making sure you are focusing enough time to what’s good for your mental health and getting your tasks done well.

  1. Ensure You have your Goals Set

Don’t take a career risk if you don’t have a specific goal. Whether it is learning, overcoming a certain issue or reaching a certain milestone, you need a clearly defined goal first. For example, if you are planning to start your own business or become a freelance after being working as a full-time worker, then your goal is independence. As long as this goal remains on your priority list, it will help you do the right thing at the right time.

  1. You Might not be Perfect – but Don’t Worry

career risks you might not be perfect but don't worry

Taking a career risk might not align perfectly with your expectations. Besides, don’t even think that things have to be perfect to be successful. The most important part of all is taking the action of taking that risk and not worrying too much. The worst part of your risk taking is failing, but at least you will have learned something new that you never could have known if you ever hesitated.

Taking risk doesn’t have to be something huge that changes your career forever. It can be as simple as doing something out of your comfort zone every day. So, consider what lies beyond your comfort zone, you never know what opportunities await.

Mustapha Mosha
Mustapha Ally is a Community Marketing Manager at Zoom Tanzania and BrighterMonday Tanzania. He loves digital marketing social media