How to Set Career Goals for 2019

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You are driving to see your grandparents in the village and you are thinking about 2019. “What is my career going to look like,” you ask yourself. You might be lounging during a family reunion, toasting to the amazing year but your mind is restless because you have declared 2019 as your career year and you have many goals that you want to achieve.

Setting goals properly will enable you to optimize your 2019. You will have clarity on what you want to achieve and how. Here are five tips that might help you in setting your career goals for 2019.

1. Reflect & Evaluate 2018

career success 2019 reflect and evaluate

Many things might have happened in your career this year. You might have gotten a promotion or started a new job with more responsibilities. There are things that might have gone wrong. You might have been fired or that marketing promotion you spent so much money on might have tanked. It is imperative before the end of the year to reflect and evaluate your career performance against the goals that you set out for yourself at the beginning of the year. It will help you to understand whether you have been successful or not, and why. Update your LinkedIn account to reflect your growth and remember to congratulate yourself for the work well done and decide to do more for the coming year.

2. Understand the Unaccomplished Challenges

You wanted to start studying for your CPA exams at the beginning of the year. Come December you haven’t even registered. Not all goals are met for various reasons. You might have overpromised. You might have not focused on the goal because you didn’t have enough time. Personal problems like the passing of a husband might have evaporated your plans. The learning from career goals that were unaccomplished in 2018 will help you come up with mitigation and action plans. Go into 2019 with clarity of the tools you need to accomplish those career goals in 2019.

3. Research Your Future Role

research your future roles career success 2019

Roles change. Job descriptions change. There is nothing constant in career development. Understanding how your current role might look like in 2019 will help you understand what is needed to get you there. Will your marketing role include an online aspect next year? Will you finance role require a skill you currently don’t have? Speak to others delivering a similar role. Chat with your LinkedIn network to get visibility of what is happening outside your borders. Benchmarking is key.  Understanding what is coming will help you to anticipate and plan for your career development.

4. Identify Personal Areas of Improvement

This year, you didn’t get the promotion you wanted. You thought that your boss had a personal vendetta against you. What if there was a personal weakness that stood in the way? We tend to focus more on structural obstacles and forget that there are personal weaknesses that might impede career development. Speak to your boss and colleagues to learn what are your areas of improvements. It could be your attitude or your work ethic. Remember not to take it personally or become defensive. After all, they are helping you become a better person. After you have identified the areas, jot down the action plans to correct these shortcomings.

5. Set Your Goals

set your goals career success 2019

Write down what you want to achieve in your career in 2019. Start with the big picture and break it down into milestones with specific deliverables. If you want to be a Sales Manager ask yourself what are the specific steps to becoming one? What does achieving them look like? Your milestones will take away the pressure of constantly looking at the big mountain. They would also help you to celebrate your progress and thus energize you to take the second step towards your goal. Remember to share your goals with your supporting system so they can remind, encourage and challenge you to achieve them.

Mustapha Mosha
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