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The job search process can be a tiring ordeal. From looking through a number of online platforms with the latest job updates, making several job applications to finally getting the opportunity to be shortlisted for an interview. At BrighterMonday, we understand this and provide a chance for you to have more control of this process. Our ultimate goal is to simplify your job search by ensuring that your jobseeker profile gets maximum visibility and provides faster results.

The BrighterMonday Premium Profile

The BrighterMonday premium profile is an upgrade of the regular jobseeker profile. A premium profile has features that help you stand out from other applicants of the same job opportunities by giving you more visibility and full control of the application process.

Here is a closer look at the premium features;

  1. Your Application is Highlighted to Employers

A single job ad on BrighterMonday will on average attract upto 150 qualified applicants. This is quite a long list of applicants for recruiters to sift through when looking for the perfect candidate. A premium profile ensures your application is pushed at the top of the list and appears highlighted to the prospective employers for maximum visibility.

With this in mind, do not just apply to any job opening, ensure you apply for jobs that you actually qualify for so that employers see you as a fit.

    2. You Are Recommended to Employers Looking for Your Skillset

When a job ad requiring your skillset is posted by an employer, your profile will appear as a recommended candidate for the position. Your recommended  profile will in summary highlight your professional title, years of experience and highest qualification you have achieved so far.

Ensure your BrighterMonday job seeker profile is up to date, so that the recommendation contains a true reflection of your qualifications and experiences.

recommended candidates

     3. You Get Premium Alerts

A premium account sends you alerts on email and SMS (if you are offline) immediately jobs matching your profile are posted.

Whenever an employer posts a job ad, chances are that they keep checking the applications as they come in. Make your application during the first few hours after an ad is posted so that your application is reviewed before the number of equally qualified applicants grow.    

4. You Are Able To Track Your Applications

How amazing would it be to actually know how far you are in the application process? With a  premium profile, you will be able to do just that. Once you submit your application, you are able to see whether your application has been viewed, shortlisted or rejected. You will also be able to see the employers who have viewed your profile. No more refreshing your email every hour hoping for a response in regards with your application!

track applications

    5. Your Complete Profile Generates Your Professional CV

Everyone struggles with writing a good CV. A premium profile generates a professionally designed CV for you once you complete filling your profile on BrighterMonday. This will be available for download to be used for all your other applications as well.

Upgrade to Premium and Take Control of your Career

While you cannot control whether you get picked for a job or not, you can at least do your best to stand out among other applicants. Get a premium profile to take charge of those aspects within your control and position yourself for better results.

Upgrade to premium today.

Jill Abura
Jill is a content writer at ROAM, passionate about green building and a future tiny house advocate.