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cover letter structure

Over the past few weeks, we have been sharing tips that will help you create a cover letter that will get you an interview. However, the BrighterMonday Tanzania cover letter tends to be different from other cover letters that you might send to job applications using an email address. This is because the job seeker profile tends to include information that doesn’t need to be repeated in the cover letter.

You should remember that the BrighterMonday Tanzania cover letter is 2,000 characters, which is roughly 300 words. You have limited space and you have to use it wisely so that you can highlight your achievements and impress the hiring manager or recruiter on your interest in the position.

For your BrighterMonday Tanzania cover letter, you will need to include only the Introduction, Body and Conclusion. You might ask yourself why don’t you need to include other essential parts of the cover letter that we had shared before. Here is why.

1. No Need for Addresses

Much of your personal information, like your name and contact details, are already in your job seeker profile. The employer of the position you have applied to will see this information even if they are not included in the cover letter section. Avoid adding your address because this will be included in the CV that you will attach with your application. Remember that including this information will take up space that could otherwise be used for the actual cover letter.

Also, it is important to note that, the addresses don’t appear nicely if included in the cover letter because they are not paragraphed. Here is how the employer sees these details.

no need for address


2. Don’t Address The Employer

Your application letter will go straight into the basket together with other applications for the position you have applied for. It won’t get lost. You don’t need to address your cover letter because you don’t know who exactly will be going through your application. Although Dear Sir/Madam seems to be the formality that many applicants follow, you can skip it for the BrighterMonday cover letter.

Let’s see how the employer will see your application from their dashboard.

employer dashboard

When they go inside each position they have advertised on BrighterMonday Tanzania, this is what they see.

3. No Need to Refer your Cover Letter

As we have seen in the previous point, from the employer’s dashboard it is very clear as to which position you are applying for since your application will go into the basket for that position e.g. Front Desk Officer. Referring to your cover letter will be redundant.

It is also important to remember that it doesn’t appear nicely. BrighterMonday Tanzania’s cover letter doesn’t paragraph your cover letter and everything appears in continuation. Look at these examples.

4. No Signature

Since your application will appear in your name, under one basket, coming from your job seeker profile, you don’t need to add a signature at the end. Since BrighterMonday Tanzania doesn’t add paragraphs in your cover letter, everything will appear in continuation to everything else. As we know, the right way to have your signature is like this,

Yours sincerely,

First Name Surname

However, this is how it will appear if you add it

Why 2000 characters?

Although you can pack more words in a normal cover letter, BrighterMonday Tanzania has restricted its cover letter to 2,000 characters. This way, hiring managers or recruiters can go through as many applications as possible in the shortest time. Also remember, less is more. If you are struggling to sell your skills and experience in 2,000 characters, it might prove to be challenging even with more characters. So, make your cover letter short and sweet by focusing on the keywords and requirements for the position. Remove all the superfluous details. Make your sentences shorter. Don’t beat around the bush. Make every word count.

And when it comes to the rest of the information, let your job seeker profile and the attached CV do the job.

We have created a video that will help you to create a BrighterMonday cover letter. Watch it here.

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