4 Strategies to Create Creative Environment at Workplace

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Creative Environment

In the search for efficiency and excellence at work, managers have tried nearly everything including updating working tools, motivating, giving bonuses etc., to motivate employees. Some management tactics of increasing productivity have worked, but only for a while. Some managers have realized that a more creative and friendly environment at work influence greatly productivity and efficiency, and some are yet to know.

Are you a manager who is asking yourself ways to go about to create a more creative and friendly environment at work? Here are the ways of creating a creative and friendly environment at work.

1. Create a Healthy Workplace

Create-a-Healthy-Workplace creative friendly

The wellbeing of employees is the greatest concern for a manager. Be it mental health or physical health, since unhealthy workers is a hindrance of progress at work.

A healthy workplace is the one that is properly maintained, with good temperature level, ventilation, enough light, good furniture and well-arranged office space.  There should be comfortable chairs, creativity-boosting decorations, possible motivational quotes, reliable internet connection, etc. Get professional help from interior designers or just get insight from the internet. A good working environment will boost morale, increase vitality, and keep employees in the mood to work for hours without fatigue.

2. Treat your employees kindly

Most people spend many hours at work each day. They spend more time at work than they do with their own families.   Managers should cultivate a culture of treating employees kindly in order to maintain good work relationships. There are many ways to get treat staff well at work like by throwing surprise birthday parties, organizing away days and other companies recognition celebrations.

3.  Provide Training & Development Opportunities

Provide-Training creative friendly

To have a creative work environment, give your employees opportunities for growth, both in their career and personal lives. Send them to seminars, training or workshops. Encourage them to take personal hobbies seriously or materialize personal projects they have all wanted to do.  These will provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, managers should avoid bias when it comes to whom to give these opportunities. There should be a clear criterion of who should receive these opportunities. It should be noted that all junior and senior staff need advancement opportunities that will boost their creativity and career experiences.

4. Use up-to-date technologies

Use-up-to-date-technologies creative environment

Technology is fun. What technology to use at work? Fastest, modern and friendly technology is what every manager should consider when thinking of ways to improve work. The use of modern technologies makes work easier and has been shown to satisfy employees. It also makes employees more creative since they can play around to find the best results.

To have a more creative and friendly working environment, the company should look at its company culture, specifically how it affects the relationship with its employees. Does it recognize employees as human beings and not only resources? Does the company celebrate the success of its employees? All these questions will give you the answer whether the working environment of your company is creative or not. Remember, there is always room for change and improvement.

Mustapha Mosha
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