5 Great Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week 

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Customer Service Week (October 5 – 9, 2020) is about customer service excellence and a great opportunity to engage and inspire your customer service teams. It is a week where you should treat both your employees and customer satisfaction as two sides of the same coin. 

Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your daily office routine during this week’s Customer Service Week.

1. Treat Customer Service Representatives Different


Your CSR team knows what customers hate and what they love. Start by gathering their feedback and ask them to outline what they have learned from customers. Then, you can ask them how you can support their team so as to make their service to customers even better. During your discussion, you can include something different to offer them such as a free donut, breakfast sandwich, coffee, or juice. This will help to build their morale

2. Respond Quickly to Your Customers

When customers get quick responses from your team, they will feel cared about, and your workers will be spared the stress of dealing with frustrated customers. You can dedicate this week and the next for this. Work on shortening the average time of customers getting their answer. This will improve both the quality of customer service as well as your CSR team’s perception of their job because they will be dealing with happy customers.

3. Show Your Team That Their Leaders Appreciates Them


This can be accomplished by a simple act from the management. The management can work on creating a sincere hand-written acknowledgment note to their teams; showing how much they value their contribution to the company. You can also get your entire team excited about this week with personalized cards and certificates from the company’s Owner, President, CEO, or the upper management. This will remind employees that their hard work is appreciated and that customer service is critical to the success of the company.

4. Remember Your Team That is Working from Home

Remote working has risen so much in recent months. On this customer service week, if you planned to focus on appreciating your team, inspiring them to provide competent service to your customers. You can start by appreciating your remote working team and showing them that this CSW is also about them and that they are an important part of it. You can surprise them by having gifts and rewards delivered to their homes. This will be a great gesture and morale booster to them because of the recognition of their hard work.

5. Finish This Week on a High Mood


As the CS week come to a close on Friday, you can end it by changing the whole experience of the office and teams so that they can have something to remember. Implement this by asking members of the top management to trade places with the customer service team for a day. This will make them feel confident that the top management truly understands the challenges they face every day on their day to day work. 

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