How a Professionally Written CV Can Get You Hired Faster

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Every professional has its own experts. And each expert is good at understanding what is needed, when, and where so that a certain goal can be reached. This is why certain high-sensitive activities are better left to the professionals. This applies well along when it comes to writing a professional CV. The believes that when preparing the CV for job hunting,  is best for you to prepare yourself is not always true. 

Some people have the right skills in certain industries. But issues like complex formats, grammatical errors, and unnecessary details that do not highlight the required skills or experience weaken their CV and ruin their chances.

Here are some reasons why a professional written CV is important to your job hunting process:

1. They Understand ATS Requirements and How it Works 


Due to the technological advancement in the recruitment process; most CVs these days will first have to go through an applicant tracking system (ATS); to be scanned then filtered before hiring managers to set eyes on them. If you won’t put proper formatting, a CV that you have spent hours preparing might end up filtered out even if you had the right skills on top of all applied candidates. Professional CV writers understand how the ATS system works. They will ensure that your CV not only looks professional but is compatible and can be read correctly by an ATS, hence having higher chances of reaching to hiring manager’s desk.

2. They Know the Right Content to Focus On

Your CV is not meant to be your whole life story. You don’t have to put every single detail, for example being a team leader at school since you were at standard IV, like 20 years ago. A proper CV is a summary of your achievements and you should be particular about the information you include. The professional CV writer will do research, take the time to understand your background; and focus your CV on the relevant and important details only. Priorities such as your achievements and the value you have added to your previous organizations will be easily highlighted.

3. They are Experts in Typos and Excellent English


A CV that has been written with errors is more likely to turn a recruiter off fast from reading it. It speaks a lot about your attention to detail of your important tasks. If you are not confident at writing using the English language; there is a high chance of you to transform all your great skills and achievements into unreadable info. This is why it is always advised to ask someone else to go through your CV. This will help to eliminate spelling and grammar mistakes. To add value to your CV, a professional CV writer will not only check for typos and mistakes but also ensure that your CV is filled with the relevant keywords to your target job role.

Stand Out from Other Applicants, With a Professional-Looking CV


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Mustapha Mosha
Mustapha Ally is a Community Marketing Manager at Zoom Tanzania and BrighterMonday Tanzania. He loves digital marketing social media