How BrighterMonday Offers You A More Effective Way to Hire

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effective way to hire

Long gone are the days when HR Managers and recruiters needed to manage the application process via email.  A recruiter had to download every application sent to their email and go through all the CVs and cover letters. All of these is just to shortlist candidates for an interview.  It took so much time, especially for positions that typically receive a lot of applications.

BrighterMonday Tanzania, one of the largest recruitment agency and HR solutions companies in Tanzania, has simplified this process with its Applicant Tracking System (ATS) tool.

The BrighterMonday Tanzania Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The BrighterMonday Tanzania Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows employers to easily manage, sort and shortlist candidates, view their profiles and contact them directly through an Employer Dashboard. Your entire selection process takes place within the dashboard without the need for downloading CVs.  The ATS also enables employers to save standout applicants in their Candidate Pools. This will enable them to find and fill any future positions quickly and effectively.

Employer Dashboard

With the dashboard, Employers are able to change the status of the application that will keep the job seekers updated throughout the application process. The Employer can change the status from In Review to Rejected, Shortlisted, Offered or Hired, with notifications being sent directly to the applicants.  This tool helps to dramatically shorten the selected timeframe.

The video below is how to use BrighterMonday’s ATS

Moreso, even after the position has closed, an employer will still have access to the list of the candidates that have applied to the position. They can create candidate pools where they place the best applicants that were not hired.  In the future, the Employer can revisit this list and reach out directly in case of opportunities.

The General Manager at Afritrack, Mr Ashraff Mukri, has used the BrighterMonday Tanzania platform to recruit. He is full of complimentary words: “The candidate list that came from BrighterMonday Tanzania was rich and the superb. The support from the team throughout the process helped us find the right candidate for the position”.

The value of the platform does not just rest with the quality of the ATS but the candidates that are on the platform.  Every month there are over 4,000 job seekers signing up to the platform and over 30,000 job applications submitted. There is a job application every 52 seconds on BrighterMonday Tanzania. This is a rate that is globally competitive with the likes of LinkedIn.

Hiring the right competency upfront typically returns 3x productivity for the employer. It also minimizes the onboarding time required to get an employee up to speed.  So BrighterMonday also incentivizes the candidates on their platform to complete their profiles with relevant information. This will ensure that they can accurately match them with the right roles.  This is what makes the Employer Dashboard from BrighterMonday Tanzania one of the most sought after platform. Over 10,000 employers across Tanzania currently using the platform.

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