Why You Should Hire Recent Graduates

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How do graduates get work experience if no one will hire them

One of the biggest frustrations for recently graduated job seekers is seeing job descriptions for roles the know they can perform but not having the right number of years of experience to qualify. The thing is, while indeed, most mid-to-senior range jobs require employees who have been in the industry for a while, an entry-level position doesn’t need a worker with 3 to 5 years’ job experience!

So why exactly do employers ask for this?

Well, it’s simple, because they don’t want to hire recent university graduates.

In Tanzania, there is a perception amongst many employers that university graduates are liabilities because:

  •      They will require a lot of training
  •      They may not know how to conduct themselves appropriately in the workplace
  •      They may need high supervision
  •      They are irresponsible

However, while youth does have its shortcomings, there is a lot more benefits than costs that employers can get from hiring graduates. In fact, here are 10 advantages you will gain for your business if you invest in fresh faces.  

  1. Eager to prove themselves

No group is affected as much by unemployment in Tanzania as university graduates, in fact, the youth (18 to 24-year-olds) unemployment rate is above 14%. As a result, graduates can find themselves in the job market for years. This means that once they land a job, chances are that they will be eager to keep the job and work hard to prove themselves worthy of their position.

  1. They are eager to learn

For most people, the older the get the more inflexible and set in their ways they become. University graduates have young fresh minds that can easily absorb new information, and since they don’t have much experience in the industry or job role, they are open to being taught and mentored by people who have been in the workforce for much longer.

  1. They know technology

Recent university graduates have grown up in the era of mass technological advancements, and are usually very comfortable with electronic devices and software. You won’t have to teach them how to use a computer. And they may even be able to help you solve some IT issues, install some useful applications, and give you tips on technology that can make the workflow more efficient.

  1. They are cheaper

This is pretty straight-forward, but most recent university graduates will settle for a salary lower than a seasoned professional. And since businesses are always trying to cut costs, this is great for your budget.

  1. They have a fresh/unjaded perspective and ideas

If you’ve been in the same environment for a long time, at some point it will become hard to have new ideas and think outside the box. However, someone who is coming into the environment for the first time will be able to notice things about your environment that you can’t. Well, in addition to having an outsider’s perspective, university graduates will also be bringing with them all the new information and methodologies that they learned in school that your organization may benefit from.

Moreover, because they haven’t had projects fail or dealt with bureaucracy and office politics as much, they are more likely to present ideas they believe in and take positive risks (try new strategies) in their work.

  1. Willingness to work long hours and travel

Industries like consulting, investment banking, and marketing have realized that one of the benefits of hiring young graduates is that they usually don’t have families of their own to go home to, and are thus more willing to sacrifice their personal lives for the sake of their professional careers. This makes them ideal candidates for roles that require a lot of traveling or potentially long working hours.

  1. They understand online habits – in touch with young people

At this point in time, there’s no denying that all businesses will eventually need to adapt they strategies to capture online audiences. And with over 40% of the Tanzanian population being under the age of 25, businesses need to know how to attract and connect with young consumers online. Not only do recent graduates, also known as millennials, understand and use the internet themselves, since they are part of the online target market they can shed some insight on how their peers make decisions online.

For instance, a recent graduate can tell you what type of Instagram posts catch their attention the most and receive a lot of engagement from their online community. They can give you some insight on affiliate marketing on YouTube. And they’ll always be up-to-date with the latest apps and social media trends that can help your business stay relevant.

  1. They will make you a better boss

You will learn a lot about being a good boss by working with young people. They tend to:

  •      Respond well to constructive criticism, rather than negative unhelpful feedback
  •      Be motivated more by positive reinforcement than monetary incentives
  •      Observe leadership keenly, and are affected if their boss’s actions don’t match his words
  •      Be looking for mentorship from older employees and people with authority

All in all, recent graduates more than any other group are the most impressionable and can be greatly affected by how they are managed. So you’ll know you are doing a good job if they are performing well, and you’ll know you need to improve if they are struggling. And even if their poor performance is not a management issue, if you can help them improve, then you are really good at your job.

Pay it forward

Once upon a time you were a young person looking for an opportunity, and someone gave you a chance. So do the same. If you could progress in your career to this point, then what’s stopping current graduates from doing the same. So let go of the false misconceptions about recent graduates, and give the quality candidates a chance to show you that not only can they perform the role, but they can bring additional unexpected value to your business.

Plus, who doesn’t like having a young energetic fresh face in the office!

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