How to Apply for Jobs Using BrighterMonday Tanzania

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apply how to sign up and apply on brightermonday tanzania

Many job applicants have been calling and sending us emails, asking how does one apply for jobs using the BrighterMonday platform. This article is dedicated to answering this question. If you have been struggling to apply for jobs using our platform, this is the article for you.

How does BrighterMonday Tanzania work? 

BrighterMonday Tanzania helps job seekers to view job opportunities and apply for positions they like using its Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Many jobs posted on the platform will require you to sign up and then apply for the position of your choice. However, you can encounter a few jobs that will have an external application method, meaning you will have to apply through an external platform e.g. email address or postal address. 

The process of job application for positions that will require you to apply using the platform are as follows:-

1. Visit

apply how to sign up and apply on brightermonday tanzania

Some job seekers ask whether they can send their applications using social media platforms just because they have seen job announcements there. The answer is no. The first step in your journey is to visit the website of BrighterMonday Tanzania using the above link. This is the home of many jobs in Tanzania and here, you will see more jobs that those shared in our social media platforms. Familiarize yourself with the site by visiting different tabs. 

2. Sign-up 

apply how to sign up and apply on brightermonday tanzania

The second stage in your journey is to sign up as a job seeker. Click on the top lefthand corner of the website and a sidebar will pop up. Below Find a Job, you will find the job seekers tab. Click it. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the place where it says Create Your Account and click it. Remember to fill both parts of the Personal and Work Information. Please note that you will be required to upload your CV when you are applying for jobs, but you can skip the CV upload during signup.  Finish up the sign up by activating your account with an email link that will be sent to you.

3. Complete Career Profile

apply how to sign up and apply on brightermonday tanzania

After you have logged into your BrighterMonday Tanzania account, head to the righthand corner and go to Career Profile. Complete your career profile by adding the information required like education, job skills, associations, certifications and awards, etc. On the right-hand side, you will see the percentage of your profile completion. You will also see the features that you have unlocked based on your percentage of profile completion. For example, with 50% completion, you will be able to receive notifications and with 100% your application will be boosted to the top of the positions you will be applying for, making it easier for the employer to view your application first. Remember, the more completed your profile is, the more information the employer will be able to see about you. 

4. Set up Alerts

In a previous article, we shared how important job alerts are in your job hunt. To set up the alerts, go to the lefthand corner and scroll to the Job Alerts section. Create multiple alerts for job positions that you would like to receive. To learn more on how to set up alerts, please watch this video

5. Apply 

This is the easiest part. You can search for jobs on the landing page based on Job Function, Industry and Location. You can combine the three areas or you can use only one filter e.g. Job Function. When you open the job that you like, there will be an Apply Here section on the right-hand side of the job advert. You will be required to fill your first and last name, phone number, your minimum qualification, years of experience, salary expectation, cover letter and the option of attaching a new CV at the end. After you have filled all the required fields, press Apply Now and your application will be sent to the employer.

apply how to sign up and apply on brightermonday tanzania

After sending the application you will receive an email notification, telling you that your application has been sent successfully and that if you haven’t heard from the employer in three weeks, it is best to assume that your application has not been successful. 

6. Track Everything Using the Dashboard

The beauty of applying for jobs using BrighterMonday Tanzania is that you can track the progress using the dashboard section. The dashboard section can be accessed from the right-hand top corner. Your dashboard will have the Job For You section with jobs that match your profile, the Alerts you have set up and below, you will see the jobs applications you have made. There will also be a Saved Jobs section and Career Articles at the end. Use your dashboard wisely to learn what is happening to your application. 

Application status

apply how to sign up and apply on brightermonday tanzania

There are five application statuses. Your application goes to All Applicant immediately when you apply. Then when the employer is reviewing it, it goes it In Review. If you are shortlisted, then your application will appear as Shortlisted and if hired, then Hired will be your status. For those who are rejected, their applications will appear as Not Suitable

Sometimes, employers might forget to change the status of your application because of the number of applicants. If this is the case, use the three-week rule highlighted above if you haven’t heard anything from the employer. 


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