Importance of Creating Job Alerts In Your Job Search

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Job alert is one of the most relevant tools to have when you are hunting for a job. It is an automated and personalized email that sends a list of new job openings that match your search criteria on a job platform.  You can create job alerts through email, app notification and alerts section of your account.

Why Do You need to Create Job Alerts?

  1. Save Time When Searching for Your Job

save time when searching for job alert

Job alerts do the majority of the work by emailing you new, specific job listings. Now you can avoid having to enter your search term every time you’re looking for a job. You might want to consider creating more than one job alert depending on the type and location of the job you are looking for.

  1. Learn More about Your industry Job Market

Creating a job alert is essential as it keeps you updated on newly available positions. You don’t have to be actively looking  for another job to create a job alert. By receiving notifications on the open jobs that are comparable to yours, you can stay up-to-date with  what is going on in the job market. You will never know if they will interest you or when you will decide to change careers.

How To Set Up a Job Alerts on BrighterMonday Tanzania

how to set job alerts on brightermonday tanzania

Job Alerts on BrighterMonday Tanzania notify you of current job opportunities that you may be interested in. You can create Job Alert through the Email & Alerts section of your account.  Here are the steps:

  • Sign in to BrighterMonday Tanzania.
  • Click the BrighterMonday Tanzania Find a Job icon.
  • Click Create job alert.

With the free BrighterMonday job alert, you may create a maximum of 3 job alerts per day. This will enable you to receive a daily email of new matching jobs, limited job functions & locations, email notifications. All this will happen with  a limited amount of alerts.

You can opt to pay for a Premium Alert of 9000 per month where you will have an unlimited amount of alerts and extra features including SMS Notification and instant Notification where you will be the first to hear of new online jobs through your email or phone.

After selecting the preferred package of the  job alert , enter the Alert name which might be the name of a job you are looking for. Then add the location that you prefer to work, job function, work type, and messaging preference. With the free plan, you can only add email as a messaging preference but with the premium plan, you can be able to add a phone number where you will receive SMS notifications when there is a new job. Then click Save. You can add a new alert with a different name, job type, etc.

Why Do You Need to Create Multiple Job Alerts?

create multiple job alerts BrighterMonday Tanzania gives you the benefit of having almost every job, from every region in Tanzania in one place across companies and industries. Here are some examples of why you need to have multiple alerts.

  1. You currently live in Dar es Salaam and work in Community & Social Services industry. The first job alert will let you know about new Community & Social Services jobs in Dar es Salaam that you might interest you and apply.
  2. Or you are living in Dar es Salaam but you are looking to move to other region in Tanzania.  So you will have to create a job alert that will notify you of the types of positions that are available in those regions.
  3. Also, you might have a job in the marketing industry for instance, but you are thinking about switching careers to the sales industry. You will have to create a job alert that will show you the available positions in Sales and the requirements that the companies are looking for.

BrighterMonday Tanzania job alerts are valuable time savers. But that should not stop you from actively searching for new jobs. It is just a tool that will help you in your job hunting but not replace it. Create your job alerts on BrighterMonday to start receiving your notifications today

Mustapha Mosha
Mustapha Ally is a Community Marketing Manager at Zoom Tanzania and BrighterMonday Tanzania. He loves digital marketing social media