Know Your Worth: How Much You Should be Paid?

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know your worth

Are you going to your first job interview and have no idea what’s your worth? Are you thinking of changing career? Do you have an appraisal at work and you are about to request a salary upgrade but you don’t know how much? Are you worried that you’re underpaid? A lot of questions have been posed to job seekers by employees during the interview with the hiring managers and HRs.

BrighterMonday has introduced a tool to help members avoid going through the interview process with salaries that do not match with their experience and other key factors. When it comes to determining your desired salary beside the role itself, there are few things to take into consideration. They include your experience, location of the job, cost of living, industry etc. The BrighterMonday Salary Insights Tool which is salary tool helps you figure out what you deserve to earn based on your skill set and experience.

How Salary Insights Tool Works

know your worth

The BrighterMonday Tanzania Salary Insights Tool comes touches  the two important sides in salary negotiations:

  • Job Seeker Salary Information. For job seekers, it is designed to help you know how much you should earn in your current role. Or even if you can earn if you switched roles, industries, location or after you have gained more years of experience. This information is very important when negotiating a salary raise or when negotiating salary for a new role.
  • Employer Salary Information. It also helps the employers accurately benchmark their current salary offers with market levels. This will ensure that they are competitive and can attract and retain the right quality candidates.

How To Use Salary Insight Tool

There are four data points that you will need to enter to get an estimate of the salary.

  1. Job Function
  2. Job Industry
  3. Location
  4. Experience Level.

know your worth

To start with, select one of the data points from the dropdown menu depending on the Industry you are in. You can start by selecting your Job Function and Industry and you see how those data points affect the salary distribution on the other data points. You can only select two data points at once. Then select other data points such as location to see how they affect your estimated salary.

Explore more jobs on BrighterMonday Tanzania and compare the estimated salary you should be paid with The BrighterMonday Salary Insights Tool depending on the Job Function, location, and level of experience.

Mustapha Mosha
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