5 Ways to Reduce the Influx of Low-Quality Applicants

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The process of hiring becomes overwhelming when you are surrounded by applicants, most of whom are under-qualified. Due to technology, the application of jobs advertised has now become easier. Job seekers are now able to create their profiles in the most simply way by just providing their names, email addresses, and telephone numbers. Then when the job is advertised, such applicants can endlessly click and apply for any job advertised.

As an HR, going through all the applications evenly or try to explain to them that they are not qualified to apply will cost you a lot of time. The best approach is to proactively discourage those who are under-qualified from applying at all. Here’s how you can discourage

1. Control Your Sources and Applications

control your sources - low quality applicants

The first step is to limit the source of applications. Reduce your usage of media outlets that reach a large group of applicants such as newspapers. They usually attract a large number of under-qualified applicants. And if you will choose to go online, ensure that you choose job websites that are professionally organized with high-quality job seekers. Job portals such as BrighterMonday has tools that encourage job seekers to complete their profiles so that they can unlock features that will improve their chances of landing the right job.

2. Develop a Plan to Discourage Low-Quality Applications

The second step is to determine the tool that you are going to use so that applicants who are not qualified can not apply to the advertised job. You can include different modes of application such as providing tests to candidates before they apply for the job. The main challenge here is that you will have to go through the results of each candidate manually. BrighterMonday has a skills assessment tool that tests candidates who are applying for a certain job on the BrighterMonday website. These tests will help employers to test for core competencies and hard skills required for the specific role.

The interested candidates of a certain role will have to go through the tests while applying for the job. The results of these tests will automatically be available to employers the BrighterMonday Tanzania ATS account. You can watch more about skills assessment here 

3. Discourage Email Applications

discourage email applications low quality applicants

Accepting applications through email can lead you to receive a lot of spam emails and you will have to go through a lot of paper resumes. To avoid this, discourage candidates from applying through email addresses. You can choose a job portal that will control all your job application stages, from advertising to shortlisting and hiring. You can specify this on the job ad that all applications that will be from anywhere else won’t be considered. Remember that if the candidate wants to apply for the offered job, he/she will apply the way you need it to be. All applications that will come to your email will be considered null.  

4. Put Limit To the Job Applications

Also, you can limit the number of jobs that applicants can apply for at one time. This will help you to decrease job spamming. You can also add some conditions that will limit the application such as discouraging rejected applicants to reapply for the same position again and again. This serves to discourage individuals who really have little chance in the short term. You can also add a disqualification factor that will significantly lower (or eliminate) a candidate’s chances of getting the position. You can include these on the job ads or post them on your company’s website as a warning that can disqualify a candidate. 

5. Create a Decent Job Post

decent job post low quality applicants

The top talent candidates might miss your job advertisement because it is probably poorly done. It might miss their timeline because you used wrong keywords, a poor job description that does not excite them or they did not even understand it. To avoid this, you need to put an effort into recruiting top talent, and this can only be done by improving your job posting. Ensure you use a straightforward job title, well-written job description, separated lists of required skills and qualifications, performance-based descriptions, compensation, and location. 

Mustapha Mosha
Mustapha Ally is a Community Marketing Manager at Zoom Tanzania and BrighterMonday Tanzania. He loves digital marketing social media