How to Objectively Decide Between Best Job Candidates

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objectively decide best candidates

At some point in your hiring process, you might receive really impressive profiles from job seekers asking to be hired. Each candidate will appear to be a perfect fit, but how do you pick the best?

Here are 5 tips to ensure you objectively decide between the best candidate for your vacant job position.

Attach Skills Assessment to Your Job Ad

objectively decide best candidates skills assessment

The process of filtering your applications starts with a thorough application process. Skills assessment such as the BrighterMonday Skills Assessment is one way of ensuring that candidates who apply for a job have all the skills you are looking for. This is how BrighterMonday Skills Assessment improves the quality of your shortlisted candidates: 

  • Only qualified candidates get to apply for a job you post. The BrighterMonday skills assessment tool tests candidates applying for a job you post on BrighterMonday for core competencies and hard skills required for the specific role. These tests are curated by industry-specific experts and are up-to-date with current industry specifications. 
  • Only serious candidates will make it to your shortlist. The BrighterMonday Skills Assessments are attached to your job advert. This means that candidates who wish to send in applications to your company have to take the test. The commitment required to complete the assessment is an indicator of serious candidates. 
  • Only candidates who take the assessment make it to your shortlist. This means that get to view a highly refined list of qualified, skilled, and serious candidates. This makes your recruitment process fast and efficient. 

Assess Commitment and Passion to Company

Assess-Commitment-and-Passion-to-Company- objectively decide best candidates skills assessment

After you trim your applicants with the BrighterMonday Skills assessment, you will have to have met both the candidates one or more times as part of the selection process. The second circumstance to consider is who among the candidates have displayed a greater commitment to the process? Factors such as response time to feedback, passion for the job, who was more involved, and more astute. Answers to these questions will help you identify the candidate who displays greater commitment and passion, even if the overall difference between them remains marginal.

Frame Appropriate Questions During the Interview


Asking the right questions during the interview can guide you in the right direction during your decision making. Questions about their ability to work under stress, creative and problem-solving skills, and their value practices. Candidates’ answers about the pressure of a deadline, dealing with different scenarios can give you a clear picture of your ideal candidate. You can ask them to cite examples from the past when they performed the job well despite being facing a difficult on the process or how they wished they had handled a certain situation better.

Consider the Future

The future of the business can also help you as a hiring manager to differentiate candidates. Assess each candidate within the connection of the other personalities on your business, its forecasted growth, and the kinds of problems they will be solving. Can a candidate show signs of making a more positive impact on your business’s future than the other? 


Mustapha Mosha
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