5 Online Courses to Prepare You for Post-Covid19 Career

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COVID19 has affected a substantial part of our daily routines. Everyone has been forced to adjust to new working from home policies introduced by their companies. And some have had the worst time as some companies have decided to reduce the number of employees. Hence, this leaves them with more free time than ever before. However, it is important to spend this time-wise so as to come on top out of quarantine.

To succeed this, Unicaf, an online learning platform that offers degree and certificate programs from reputable universities in the UK, US, and Africa has curated some of the most in-demand professional courses for you to take advantage of. Here are the top 5

  1. Human Resource Management 


Every company requires a Human Resource Manager. They are an essential part of the company during and they will be crucial after COVID19 in the company as well to hire the right candidates who will help the company back to track. With Unicaf, you can be qualified as a Human Resource Personnel with this four-week certification course from the University of California, Riverside which explores strategic people management topics including recruitment, training, performance appraisal, employee retention, compensation, benefits, as well as labor relations. With video lessons, course notes, and a final exam; this course gives you a solid understanding of how talent management can affect the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization.

2. Psychology

Psychologists help companies and their employees in a variety of businesses. They help managers at all levels of organizations select, guide, motivate, and train employees. They are and will be very vital during this pandemic. As a manager, it is important to help your employees adapt to the rapid changes in the current pandemic while maintaining optimal productivity. With the help of this four-week certification course from the University of California, Riverside, you can better understand human behavior within the occupational setting and explore ways to improve your communication and conflict resolution skills in helping your employees adjust to new working situations.

3. Public Health

There has been an increase in the demand for health professionals during the pandemic. The pandemic has hit the health sector. In some countries, they have been forced to call out of retirement their doctors so they can help to balance the number of patients.  Taking a Masters’s Degree in Public Health is not only timely but promises to be rewarding. With a course from Unicaf, from the University of Suffolk explores a broad range of contemporary public health issues and is designed for students intending to pursue careers in public health practice, research, and management, whether at the local, national or international level. 

4. Supply Chain Management And Logistics

Currently, Logistics and supply chain services are the lifeline of businesses. They will even continue to be relevant to organizations long after the current crisis. If you’re seeking to upskill on your current qualifications or want to start a career in supply management and logistics; this fully-online Bachelor’s degree course from Unicaf offers you expertise in all aspects of supply chain management with the option to specialize in a number of industry methods and techniques.  

5. Web Design and Development


Lastly, due to the pandemic; most companies have decided to shift their strategies and operations to online to reduce unnecessary meetings. Companies that didn’t own websites or online focus are now forced to have a proper website and online presence to cope with the pandemic. This can be your chance to discover one of the most demanded skills in today’s world – web development.  Therefore, this course is also for you if you’re just wanting to boost your IT skills as a professional. Giving you practical knowledge of professional web design, development, and content management, you can move on from this program to building a corporate web page for businesses.

This is your time. Unicaf offers all the online learning opportunities for you. You can access both short courses and fully-online degree programs from reputable universities across the world so you can enjoy quality-higher-education from the convenience of your home.

Mustapha Mosha
Mustapha Ally is a Community Marketing Manager at Zoom Tanzania and BrighterMonday Tanzania. He loves digital marketing social media