5 Tips for Improving Your Remote Meetings With Your Team

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The global pandemic has impacted teams’ work and collaboration. Manages and business leaders are now forced to change to online meetings, thousands of miles away instead of face-to-face in a conference room with their teams. Even clients now prefer more virtual meetings than face to face. But one of the biggest challenges that have surfaced around remote work is how to handle online meetings.

Here are tips for making the most of your remote meetings.

1. Choose the Right Tools


Remote meetings tools can differ depending on the need of your team. They can differ depending on the number of participants, type of meeting (presentation or discussion?), audio and video, etc. Before sending the invites, find out the type of meeting you are about to conduct and how many people can the meeting software accommodate. Tools such as Crowdcast are good for presentations, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype for discussions and video or you can use phone calls for audio-only meetings. 

2. Prepare a Clear Agenda and Communicated It.

A meeting without a clear agenda will likely lead to confusion and a lot of wasted time. Prepare a formal agenda with all the key issues to be discussed in the meeting and sort them according to your business needs. Also clearly mention what role you expect from each participant in the meeting. Send this agenda at least 24 hours before the meeting, and seek acknowledgment from all the participants. Also, set automated meeting reminders using Google Calendar.

3. Assigning Talking Points to Attendees 


This will enable each attendee to have a purpose of being at the meeting than just listening to everyone else. It will make them listen to others so that they can make their points clear as well and not repeating what has already been saying. It also makes them feel an important part of the team and is spending their time in a valuable way. They will also prepare for the meeting in a more active way if they have to present something to others.

4. Screenshare of Your Meeting to Engage Attendees

Allowing the presenter to share their computer screen in real-time will make others to effectively follow the presenter as they are talking. It is like letting them looking over your shoulder in the face to face meeting when presenting on the whiteboard. They will be seeing your screen as you see it. This feature is more productive and is the closest you can get to the physical meeting. You can use apps like Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype 

5. Assign Responsibilities


Lastly, each participant at the meeting should be assigned a responsibility that will make them occupied during the meeting. This will enable them to remain engaged and participate more during the remote meeting. After the meeting, there should be somewhere where everyone should post their follow-up items for review/point-to-take.

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Mustapha Mosha
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