5 Tips To Help You Select the Right Candidate for the Job 

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How do you know the candidate has the best chance of being successful in the job you just advertised? You must get it right from the start. Failure to do that can cost your business financially and might distract your company productivity. But if you get it right the first time, it will be much easier for all concerned. Here are five ways that can help you interview the right candidate for your advertised job position.

 1. Incorporate Skills Assessment Tests to Your Screening Process

Incorporate-Skills-Assessment-Tests-to-Your-Screening-Process- right candidate

This is the first and crucial stage to get it right from the beginning. Skills assessment tests are designed to assess whether candidates have the skills necessary to perform various and essential aspects of a job. These tests must be done by candidates when they want to apply for a certain job position advertised. After the test, you can be able to filter the candidates depending on their performance of the tests. If you are looking for a marketing expert, then you provide them with a marketing test. As a hiring manager, you can use BrighterMonday Skills Assessment tests, curated by experts in specific industries, and are up-to-date with current industry specifications. Read more about skills assessment here 

2. Involve Department Staff on the Interview Process 

Employees with enough knowledge of the job tend to be better equipped to assess how candidates will fit in the position. You can involve them in formulating the interview questions that will create evidence of how candidates have displayed successful behavior in past jobs. With the help of the experienced staff, ask for examples that will prove that candidate has the right skills and personal quality to fit for the position. 

3. Pay Attention to Candidate’s Questions

Pay-Attention-to-Candidate_s-Questions right candidate

Candidates need to come to the job interview after having good research about the position and the company. During the interview, they should be able to listen and ask meaningful questions about your business. These questions can tell you a lot about how a candidate thinks and whether they will be able to find out about the market and respond to it. Some questions will show indications of how enthusiastic they are about the role, their level of interest, and more.

4. Evaluate Candidate’s Work Ethic and Attitude

Employees with great potential tend to value hard work and take personal pride in putting in their best efforts. During the interview, focus on the language that indicates the candidate has had difficulties working with colleagues or management in the past. You can also ask questions about how they handle heavy workloads, how they focus on their priorities and others.

5. Run a Reference Check

Run-a-Reference-Check_ right candidate

Talking to references about a candidate can help you confirm your perceptions or prove you wrong. During the interview, ensure that you make a record of the specific evidence which candidates have shared on how they have achieved success, worked on a team and solved problems. After that, conduct reference calls to check these facts with previous supervisors and colleagues. Ask specific questions to the references about if and how the candidates have attained certain achievements they claimed. 

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