Save Your Hiring Cost with BrighterMonday Tanzania

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save hiring cost with brightermonday tanzania

Hiring qualified candidates in a short space of time will save you and your organisation a lot of costs. As employee turnover is at its highest in the current job market, ensuring your hiring processes is less cumbersome would help you lower the hiring costs while guaranteeing quality candidates for hire.

With the high turnover rates, companies need a fast and reliable platform that will enable them to locate, interview and hire the right candidates within the shortest time to keep their workforce at maximum productive capacity.

Millennials in the WorkPlace

According to the “How to Keep Millennials Productive in the Workplace” white-paper which was researched and published by Brighter Monday Tanzania, millennials are more willing to change jobs. While you can improve your processes: work culture, employee experience, benefits and other packages to ensure you achieve better employee retention, the fact that employees can leave your organisation will remain inevitable.

Hiring the right talent is costly for many organizations in Tanzania when the selection is done from platforms that don’t have the right candidates. This lengthens the hiring process, leaving the position vacant for a longer time. A vacant position is a cost to an organization. This is because it slows down the operations that would have increased performance and productivity.

Many organisations have to face candidates who wont’ survive the probation period due to poor hiring. The organizations spend a lot of time and resources on boarding candidates only to let them go within a short time.

Timing of Getting Right Talent for your Company

BrighterMonday Tanzania provides employers with the right candidates for hire in 14 days, which translates into cost-saving for companies. Every week, there are no less than 800 new qualified job seekers who sign up to find jobs. This provides a rich database of jobseekers for hire to companies within the shortest period.

The presence of an experienced recruiting team connected with a wide network of talent makes it easier and cost-effective for companies to access the right talent within the shortest time. BrighterMonday Tanzania is able to recruit not just from Tanzania, but also from those in the diaspora who looking to relocate back to Tanzania.

BrighterMonday Tanzania minimizes the time spent waiting for candidates to apply. This is because of the targeted communication that sent to the registered jobseekers with related experience by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the platform. Also, continuous sharing of the opportunities on its social media platforms, like LinkedIn, makes it easier for candidates to see what jobs are advertised on the platform.

Enhanced quality of jobseekers through different initiatives like training sessions, Facebook live sessions, career fairs and the sharing of key industry trends and educational materials through a weekly blog, give employers access to a rich and competent database to choose from.

Testimony from One of Our Client

The Managing Director of Credit & Debt Masters Co. Ltd, Mr Patrick Mayige, has used BrighterMonday Tanzania for recruitment. This is what he had to say, “BrighterMonday Tanzania has a database of talented professionals. Especially those I have been looking for. I have been able to recruit using the platform since 2014.”

BrighterMonday Tanzania receives a job application after every 52 seconds. This puts BrighterMonday Tanzania in close range to the globally competitive application rate per job advertised. This ensures your jobs receive well-profiled candidates.

Stephen Swai
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