6 Easy Tips of Surviving Your First Week On the Job

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Making a good first impression is essential for surviving your first week at a new job. It can be a little intimidating, with the pressure of engaging with new people, balancing the impressions, understanding the new working environment and so forth. In most cases, the feeling is completely natural.  You should not worry about proving yourself to your new coworkers and the management.

Here are some easy tips for settling down smoothly into your first week on the new job.

  1. Observe and Understand

Observe and Understand

Paying attention to the communication style and culture of your new teammates is a great start toward settling to your new job. It is important to understand interactions, who to approach when you have questions and names of people who you will come across. Read documents and make sure you take note of every important thing you learn.

2. Organize Yourself

The first week is a right time to ensure you understand important materials that will smoothen your workflow. Begin by organizing your desk, updating your email signature, social media accounts and ensure you have all the relevant contacts. Locate important areas such as the restrooms, lunch area and other amenities available. Furthermore, experiment with your commute to grasp the right times to leave home and means of transport you will use.

3. Build Relationships

Build Relationships

Developing connections with new coworkers will help with your confidence as you are settling into your new job. Find the right time and give a quick, energetic introduction to the new people you meet. You might not find your best friend yet, but someone who you can relate and provide you with needed stability. It is crucial to make friends at this stage to help you with confidence and productivity. A study published in a Journal of Business and Psychology shows that friendship in a workplace has direct effects on job involvement, job satisfaction as well as indirect effects on the organisation commitments.

4. Ask as Many Questions as Possible

To learn fast in your new working environment, you will have to approach your leaders and peers as much as possible. Prioritize the information you need, such as a question, advice or validation at a specific time without wasting time. Note down your questions so that you won’t forget and so that you tackle them at once to avoid going back multiple times.. Research on alternative resources like Google or Youtube before approaching your colleague or leader.

5. Offer to Help and Accept Theirs

Offer to Help and Accept Theirs

Show initiatives by building a rapport with your new co-workers and your boss by volunteering to help them with their projects whenever applicable. This will enable you to learn and gain insight on how things are done. If they choose to give you help with your task, be warm and receptive to their assistance even if you are capable of doing it yourself. This will create the better rapport and you will possibly be able to learn the easier way of completing the task.

6. Set Expectations and Keep Your Boss Informed

Finally, your first week is a great time to set the expectations and what your boss demands from you. This will enable you to move in a right direction and pace toward achieving your goals.  During the one-on-one meetings with your boss, use this time to inform him or her about what you’re learning, who you’re meeting with and the challenges that you are facing. Also, ensure that you understand your targets and how the success of your performance is measured.

Mustapha Mosha
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