6 Tips to Effectively Monitor Team Performance Remotely

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Managers are now faced with enormous challenges to manage their remote teams. For example, although remote working could involve flexible working hours; it can be challenging to determine how much work each employee gets done. However, it is still possible to effectively monitor your team performance remotely to encourage accountability to each employee. 

Here is a list of tips explained on the BrighterMonday EmployerHandbook that you can employ to monitor your team and hence increase their productivity.

1. Have a Regular Check-ins


Sometimes you can assume that if you don’t hear from your employee who is working from home then his/her job is going well. But they might have the thinking that silence from you means that a job is not necessary to be completed. It is good to trust your employees but it can also become a bigger risk. To avoid assumptions, create a regular and transparent meeting where they will be able to show the progress of the work. This should be one-on-one and face-to-face via video for effective communication. Set the agenda and provide feedback and support your team’s needs.

2. Manage Expectations

Secondly, you need to ensure that your team understands what they should do, and set realistic expectations for their work. Ensure that there is a healthy workload for every employee. This will enable you to set yourself and the team up for success. Define the scope, deadlines, and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals. 

3. Focus on Outcomes


As employees are struggling to balance their work and family at home, you should also enable them to complete their work in ways that are effective, comfortable, and most productive for them. So, instead of focusing on traditional office environment factors, such as the number of hours done, you can focus on outcomes and measure accordingly. Stop paying attention to the process and focus more on what things are getting done. 

4. Equip Your Team with Resources

Also, you need to ensure that all employees have the equipment that they need to achieve their targets. If your team is sales or marketing and you expect them to attend virtual meetings with clients; do they have adequate laptops and cameras? Employees can’t perform without the right reliable resources. So to avoid affecting their performance, ensure that they are all equipped with the right tools that enable them to do their work smoothly. 

5. Be Flexible


Lastly, although having a solid plan is crucial, you should be open to your employees to adjust strategies as needed. You can allow them to choose when to put in their hours in the morning or evening; as long as the work gets completed on time and is of expected quality.

You can download your free copy of BrighterMonday’s Employer Handbook by using this link to read more about working remotely.

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