Are you thinking of a job change? Here is What you Need to Know

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Deciding that you need to change your job doesn’t just happen overnight, it is usually decided upon overtime.  Never resign based on your emotions. For instance, an angry moment at your working place. All you need to do is stay calm and take time to decide when is the right time to move on. Before you take a plunge, here are some factors to help you determine the right time to change your job.

Being Bored At Work


Do you find the work you do is increasingly unchallenging and routine? There is no excitement and the spark at work anymore. You can always ask for more responsibilities but if that’s not forthcoming, it might be time to move on to a more exciting and challenging opportunity. Be careful to gauge your situation right though, you might carry your boredom with you to your next job if the issue is personal.  

Being Overworked

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When the pressure at work becomes too much it can lead to health problems in the long run. A heavy workload can be managed for a short time in the beginning. If extended within a long period of time with low pay, most of the time it demotivates a person and it might be high time to change your job.

Poor Work Environment & Culture

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If there have been changes in the office systems that change the environment or culture and affects you in a negative way, seek redress. If nothing can be done, you might want to stealthily look around for a better opportunity, especially if the current situation affects your general wellbeing.

Slow or No Career Progress

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Probably you have been passed over for a  promotion or you are in a company which is too small for a career advancement. If you feel like your career is stuck and it’s not progressing then start looking at how you might advance your career within another organisation or a bigger company.

Salary Matters

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Sometimes you might feel like you deserve to earn more pay because of the amount of work you do and the quality of work you deliver. Or you could feel that they are better-paying jobs you could get. Either way, the desire to earn more is completely understandable if your current employer is not ready to raise your wages you should consider switching to another employer.

Unhappy with Your Manager

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If you are not getting along with your boss well then turning up at work every day can be quite stressful. Try working out things with your boss to find a common ground. If that’s impossible you don’t need to be stressed every time you see your boss. Consider looking for another employment perspective.


When considering leaving your current employer, always check to see if the situation can be alleviated in any way. Is there something you or your boss can do to change the situation? If a way can be found, work on that first. You do not want to be the person who always runs away in the face of a problem. If nothing at all can be done, it might be time to seek better opportunities.  

Elizabeth Nyimbo


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