Working While on Vacation: 5 Tips on How to Maintain a Balance

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Going on vacation can be a real challenge for someone who still needs to work. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to fully disconnect when on vacation. Your colleagues, clients and sometimes your manager might need your service when you are not in the office. And with some jobs, leaving your emails unopened for a whole week could strain relations with clients.

Here are some tips on you can maintain doing your work while enjoying your vacation

1. Delegate Before Going on Vacation.

working on vacation Delegate Before Going on Vacation working

Before you go on vacation, you should prepare someone who will take care of your responsibilities when you are away. Reach out to your supervisor first. They need to be aware of the person you have delegated your tasks to. Knowing that there is someone capable who is assuming your duties will give you a stress-free vacation.

2. Create a helpful “Out of Office” Email Auto-Reply.

It is good to set a professional auto-reply email to notify those that will reach out to you that you are on vacation. Include information like when you will be back and who they can reach out in case of emergency while you are away. In this case, the person you have delegated to might be the contact person.

3. Communicate in Advance to Your Colleagues and Clients.

Communicate in Advance to Your Colleagues and Clients.

When you start planning your vacation, make sure that your colleagues and clients are aware and will not be affected by your absence. This will help you to figure out any challenges that could arise while on vacation. If you have clients who you know that will need your service, make sure you notify and redirect them to someone who will be able to help them when you are away.

4. Work Ahead

When you know that you will be away for an extended period of time, make sure you work ahead and schedule tasks —  if you are a writer, write articles in advance and schedule their publishing when you are gone. It also a good idea to extend your ‘work in advance’ plans to your colleagues and clients so that they have the opportunity to submit their work or requests before you leave.

5. Set Your Vacation Working Time

 Set Your Vacation Working Time

If you will need to work while on vacation, make sure to set aside a specific time to respond to emails and messages. You can choose to get up earlier or stay up late at night to do some work.  If you think there is a need to check your messages once or twice in a day, set it. Schedule specific times to get into ‘work mode’ for 15-20 minutes and then switch back to your ‘vacation mode’.

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