6 Tips for Working For a Younger Boss at Your Workplace

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Working For a Younger Boss

In this multigenerational workforce, companies tend to hire or promote qualified and competent employees for managerial roles. This could mean that you might end up finding a boss who is younger than you and might not be comfortable working for them because of his/her age. The study shows that workers in companies with younger boss tend to have negative emotions compared to those with elder bosses.

As long as you and your manager respect each other, working together should not be an issue. It is more important to focus on growing your career than worrying about a younger boss in your company. Here are tips you should consider to benefit from working with a younger manager.

1. Be Respectful

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While your new boss may be younger, that doesn’t mean that they are not competent and qualified.  It is important to listen to their decisions and respect their position. What this means is that the things that you will do to show respect to an older boss are not different from those of a younger one. Accept that he/she is the right person to do the job, always be open to the ideas they bring forward and accept them with positive attitudes. If you show respect to your boss, you will easily get it in return.

2. Use Your Experience Wisely

Your experience in working in the company is one of the most important tools you can use in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the organization. You can use this to help your younger boss to growth his/her skills in leading the team and help the company grow. Your boss might be knowledgeable in a certain area such as the technology but not know much about communication. You should be prepared to teach him/her the knowledge you’ve gained throughout the years and they will recognise your contribution to the company easier for the better growth of your future career.

3. Be Flexible and Ready to Learn

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Staying flexible about how things get done at the office is crucial. Your boss might choose a different approach to solving problems in the organisation. The younger generation is said to be tech savvy so you might be needed to level up your skills to fit the pace of your young boss. Other companies work with people in different parts of the world. Hence will prefer to use Slack for communication. You should always be ready to embrace these challenges.

4. Don’t Overthink

Every work and decision that you made in your work have contributed you to be in your current position. You are in your position because of your work and that you should be proud of. You should not think that the leadership team views you as inferior that is why they gave management role to someone else who is younger than you. Be confident in the fact that they hired you to bring specific value to the team. Ensure you try to relate and work with your new younger boss and give it everything you have got.

5. Clear Communication is Key

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Clear communication between you and your boss will make you understand each other’s mindset and create a healthy work environment. Find their preferred way of communication to create proper dialogue, build trust and improve the productivity of the company.

6. Focus on your Career and Company Growth

Lastly, you should keep in mind that you are in the exact position you need to be in at this time in your career. Always trust that your career will progress in a positive way regardless of the age difference between you and your boss. In addition, remember that you and your boss are on the same team and your mission is one, to help grow the company.

Mustapha Mosha
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