Brand director

Job Summary

We seek to hire qualified candidate to fit the job position of Brand Director in our company

  • Minimum Qualification: Masters
  • Experience Level: Executive level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the company's market strategic planning, implementation of marketing promotion, branding, public relations, activities, etc.;

2. Establish and improve the workflow and management system of the marketing and sales department;

3. Formulate and implement performance appraisal standards and complete the performance indicators issued by the company;

4. Market research and analysis of peers and industry development status, regular market forecasting and intelligence analysis to provide the basis for company decision-making;

5. Formulate the company's overall public relations strategy

6. Develop and control marketing budgets;

7. Manage the marketing team and conduct market training and guidance to team members and relevant departments;

8. Plan the company's network marketing plan, responsible for the operation and management of network marketing, as well as a daily platform update.


1. Marketing management or related majors graduated from key domestic universities, preferred if you have a foreign certificate and working experience.

2, five-star hotel marketing director, 4A  public relations company and other industries more than 5 years of work experience is preferred;

3, strong planning ability, familiar with all types of media operations;

4. Strong sense of business and market, strong ability to analyze problems and solve it, excellent resource integration ability, and  promotion ability;

5. Have good communication and cooperation skills and rich experience in team building.

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