Programs Administrator

Job Summary

ONGAWA is looking for eligible applicants for the post of Programs Administrator.

  • Minimum Qualification: Diploma
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

FUNCTIONAL AREA         Finance and support

LOCATION           Tanzania, Muheza and Same Programs

VERSION              January 2019



The Programs Administrator is to ensure and guarantee compliance with the monthly accounting cycle and tax obligations of ONGAWA, as well as ensuring adequate economic and financial management and the fulfillment of the commitments made to different donors, in the context of the Muheza and Same Programs, by updating and systematizing economic information, according to the relevance of the value of transparency in ONGAWA.

To manage, monitor and report on all logistics processes, including supply, procurement/purchasing, warehousing, assets, fleet as well as related administrative procedures to support the operations in Muheza and Same.



To participate in the development and follow-up of the programs budgets.

To ensure proper and punctual implementation of general and costs accounting that integrates financial information of the programs offices.

To monitor and support project partners financial teams.

To ensure that the programs are complying with donor funding requirements and ONGAWA internal procedures by proactive and periodical updating on any substantial change on those norms.

Responsibility for the proper management of resources ONGAWA and for the support to the programs teams, ensuring the means necessary for the proper performance of their assigned tasks are available.

To follow and enforce the procedures and standards regarding to financial and logistics within the context of the programs.

The functions described below may be modified, extended or restricted by ONGAWA, in order to adapt to the strategy set by the organization at all times.


•             LINE MANAGEMENT:

Post holder reports to: Country Representative and Programme Manager

His/her immediate superior is the Country Representative and Programme Manager , whom he/she will support in all tasks of economic, administrative and logistic management of the program.

Staff reporting to this post

Direct management and supervision of financial assistants, drivers and guards assigned to the programs.


Post holder reports to

Responsible for financial monitoring of programs in HQ, keeping informed the Program Manager and the Technical Coordinator in HQ.

Coordinator of the Financial and Support area at HQ for most relevant issues related to logistics and finance.



Support role for Project Officers in the programmes and coordination with the support team in HQ.



1.       BUDGET

To participate in the development and follow-up of the program budget

1.1.    To participate the annual programs budgeting processes

1.2.    To monitor the budget, together with the Program Manager, ensuring the proper implementation of the procedures and tools necessary for the monitoring, participating in the analysis of possible deviations arising.

1.3.    To lead the closing of the annual budget.




Ensure proper implementation of general and cost accounting that integrates financial information of the program

2.1  Ensure the correct functioning of the required tools necessary for proper accounting management of the programs

2.2  To ensure the proper performance of the accountability cycle, according to the procedures, and strictly observing timing and deadlines.

2.3  To support project partners financial teams and make sure that they comply with the actual agreements in relation to accountability cycles. Revision and consolidation of their financial reports.

2.4  To contribute to the annual internal audit, providing proper information in terms of timing and quality.



Ensure tabulated monthly treasury as well as proper management of funds in the programs to ensure the most efficient level of liquidity

3.1  Ensure the operations of the bank accounts related to the programs (openings, closings, transfers, etc.) and eventually participate in negotiations with financial agents.

3.2  Ensure proper implementation of the monthly balancing of bank reconciliations and cash counts. Following up this plan, analyzing possible deviations and proposing actions if necessary

3.3  Ensure proper management of funds in the programs according to the procedures established for the purposes.



Responsible for coordination the activities to be implemented within the financial management of the programs and different stakeholders and partners.

4.1  Coordinate the work of all those involved in financial and logistical processes in the programs, making them part of the challenges of improving management processes. Therefore, collect their opinions and suggestions and conveniently transfer them.

4.2  Establish and maintain fluid and frequent communication with project partners in order to early detect any challenge they might be facing, especially in the financial aspects.

4.3  Ensure, together with the Program Manager, effective coordination of financial management and procurement among the different projects and activities performed within the programs.

4.3  Ensure the appropriate financial information flow, in terms of quality and terms, from the programs to the coordinating team in headquarters. Similarly, ensuring that relevant information is properly disseminated in the programs teams.



Responsibility for the proper management of resources of ONGAWA and for the support to the programs teams, ensuring the means necessary for the proper performance of their assigned tasks are available.

5.1  Ensure compliance in accordance with the laws (taxes, permits, required input information, etc.) and legal requirements, under the supervision of the Country Representative.

5.2  Participating in administrative and legal tasks necessary for the development of the activities of the program.

5.3  To ensure that the documentation supporting the economic and logistical management related to the programs is conveniently kept and guarded.

5.4  To ensure proper administration of the ONGAWA staff in the programs, including preparation of payroll tax under the laws of the country, as well as payment of wages and taxes, under the supervision of the Country Representative.

5.5  To contribute in the implementation of new systems of economic information cycle.

5.6  To ensure that the team has the resources necessary for the proper performance of the tasks

5.7  To ensure proper operation and maintenance of the assets in the programs (vehicles, office equipment, etc.)

5.8  To ensure that ONGAWA administrative operations conform to donor funding requirements and be aware of any major changes in donor procedures.



To ensure that ONGAWA conforms to donor funding requirements and be aware of any major changes in donor procedures

6.1  Actively facilitate the process of audit from public and private funders.

6.2  Participate in the collection of the documentation supporting the costs of the programs.

6.3  Proactively promote the quality of the justification documents across the whole team aligned with donor regulations and ONGAWA internal procedures.



Ensure a rigorous and efficient management of purchases of goods and services

7.1  Participate in the negotiation of the terms of payment to suppliers

7.2  Ensure the successful completion of the purchasing and supply, according to the procedures established for this purpose both internally and by the donors including proper tendering processes as may be required.



Ensure proper management of human resources, according to policies established by the organization

8.1  Participate in the analysis of the needs of team personnel, along with the Country Representative and the Programs Manager, in drafting the description of each position

8.2  Coordinate, plan and supervise the work of staff under his/her supervision, following the policies and procedures for managing Human Resources, paying special attention to the motivation in the performance of their duties.

8.3  Authorize leaves, extratime, trips and allowances for staff directly under his /her supervision

8.4  To actively participate in the recruiting processes, in coordination with the Programs Manager and under the supervision of the Country Representative.


9.       SAFETY AND SECURITY          

Contribute to ensure the personnel in the programs the necessary security for the performance of their duties.

9.1  Participate in the development of procedures for safety as well as ensure proper dissemination among the team.

9.2  Responsible for personnel under his/her supervision of compliance procedures related to safety.

9.3  Updating of information related to incidents and emergency procedures.

9.4  Participate in the safety training for expatriates, when required.



Guide the work of the economic and financial area towards continuous improvement and evaluation of results

10.1 Participate in the development and updating procedures in the area of economic and financial management.

10.2  Identify areas for improvement in any aspect of economic management in the organization.

10.3  Responsible for compliance with operating manuals and procedures  regarding his/her scope of work as well as to make them known to the rest of the team and, if applicable, to local partners.





Education and training


·         Holder of Diploma/degree in Accounting from recognized institution

·         Computer literate (office and other accountability software)


·         Holder of CPA (T) or its equivalent qualifications

·         Registered with NBAA (The National Board of Accountants and Auditors) as authorized Accountant




·         Fluent in English and Swahili, both spoken and written.


·         Spanish will be an added advantage.




·         A good working knowledge of accounting.

·         At least three (3) years’ experience working as an accountant in any reputable organization

·         Must have worked in a computerized environment.


·         Knowledge of the regions and the districts involved.

·         Work with other NGOs or contractors in development projects


Employment Duration:

Fixed term contract of employment of one year period (probationary initial 3 months), thereafter renewable yearly upon a series of successful and evaluated performance factors/criteria. Further to this, employment contract may be renewed at the discretion of ONGAWA considering but not limited to:

A.      Availability of project funding

B.      Availability of the position (i.e. there is no situation when no work remains for the employee, e.g., at the end of a project, as part of the exit strategy, etc.)

C.      Performance evaluations provided by immediate supervisors, support staff and collaborative professionals encountered during contract period.

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