Dar es Salaam Full Time
1 week ago

Job Summary

Employment Opportunity

Job Description

• Work to do:

- Printing office documents.

-Typing letters, notes, reports, letters, documents, charts and stencil.

-Paper recycling machine for recycling or offer. copy paper on 'Photocopy Machine'.

-To ensure the best use of printing machines that are used for office work.

-Make sure that the printing machine will always exist in a good state working including clean before you start using it.

-Ensure that copies of the letter printed are filed in related files.

-Ensure that facilities exist and are working on

- position to serve as typewriters, paper of various types, ink windscreen etc.

-Confidentiality of office documents.

-Perform any other tasks as directed by the Head of his work. 

• Qualifications required:

- certificate form four or more.

- Certificate / Diploma training secretary to the first stage - the third.

-He has passed the subject of "Shorthand" and know well "Microsoft Windows (Word & Excel) "

- Experience of working will add more advantage.