Information Technology Officer

Job Summary

The primary objective of the IT Officer is to monitor and maintain the computer systems, networks, software, hardware and other information technology functions of the Victoria Finance’s Branches and Head Office. This position is accountable for blending technology with business practices by installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware/software faults and solving technical and applications problems.

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description


Financials – 10%

  • Digital portfolio
  • Interest income

Customer – 20%

  • Customer service
  • Resolution of internal customer’s complaints
  • Positive vendor’s relationships Business Efficiency & Controls – 60%
  • Smooth running of systems and networks.
  • Speed of execution and meeting deadlines
  • Systems security and backups
  • Effectiveness of the unit structure and systems (policies, processes, procedures and tools) in achieving compliance requirements, optimal efficiency, resource utilization and cost containment.

People – 10%

  • Adequacy of personal and staff competence


  • The IT Officer is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the VFP and VIB computer systems and ensuring users get maximum benefits from them.
  • Install and configure computer hardware, operating systems and applications;
  • Monitor VFP networks, Servers, data, software and maintain their security;
  • Provide user support, including procedural documentation;
  • Manage the roll-out of new applications or major updates;
  • Manage the domain, user accounts and user access;
  • Manage the networks, inverters/online UPS, computers, databases, printers and other IT equipment as required;
  • Ensure that backups are taken according to established VFP policies and procedures;
  • Ensure that all software is current and legal (properly licensed);
  • Ensure the maintenance of the Server and the daily database consolidation;
  • Connect new Branches to the network and support branches with computer operations
  • Ensure the CCTV systems are working properly;
  • Maintain firewall configuration and website filters;
  • Maintain the inventory of computer equipment up-to-date;
  • Purchase and ensure effective repair and maintenance of all IT equipment and peripherals;
  • Support installation and maintenance of LAN and WAN network for the transaction software
  • Add new employees into the system and cancel access of former employees;
  • Co-ordinate and implement network security measures;
  • Ensure appropriate internet connectivity configuration;
  • Manage computer hardware &  software installation, troubleshooting and maintenance;
  • Ensure that Anti-Virus and Windows updates systems are working properly;
  • Troubleshoot systems and network problems, diagnose and solve hardware and software faults;
  • Create a positive customer support experience and builds strong relationships through deep problem understanding, ensuring timely resolution or escalation, communicating promptly on progress, and handling customers with a consummately professional attitude;
  • Train VFP & VIB personnel to use the software or hardware required for their job;
  • Completion of periodic & monthly reports for management as required.
  • Perform any other related duties and responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor


Perspective                                            Measurement Dimensions

People                                                    Competence development – 75%

Customer Focus                                     Number trainings conducted to staff

                                                               Number of systems related cases attended

                                                               Customer complaints resolutions

Business Efficiency & Controls               Risk Controls adherence

                                                                   Turn Around Time (TAT) in support and maintenance

                                                                   Reports and meeting Deadlines

                                                                    Systems downturn

                                                                     Projects rollouts

Financial                                                       Size of digital finance portfolio

                                                                      Interest income


  • The IT Officer requires good practical knowledge of information technology systems and functions in the financial services sector and the foresight to see how the related intricate day-to-day activities link with and support the achievement of the vision and mission of the VFP.
  • Strong analysis, organization and planning skills;
  • Ability to work autonomously under the pressure of tight deadlines;
  • Knowledge of Microsoft operating systems and software;
  • In depth technical knowledge of PC hardware;
  • Knowledge in database programming such as MSSQL;
  • Strong computer skills (Word, Excel, Power Point, database, etc.).
  • Self-empowerment to enable development of open communication, teamwork and trust that are needed to support performance and customer-service oriented culture in the department.
  • Interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with and manage customer expectations (internal and external), and other stakeholders who impact performance.


  • Minimum five years’ experience in Information and communication technology of which three years must been spent microfinance /banking related systems.
  • University degree or equivalent in computer science preferably systems engineering.


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| Internship & Graduate |
TSh Confidential
Job Function: Software & Data
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TSh 2,000,000 - 2,500,000
Job Function: Software & Data
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TSh Confidential
Job Function: Software & Data
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TSh 2,000,000 - 2,500,000
Job Function: Software & Data