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Job Summary

The Sales & Marketing Manager leads, manages and is accountable for the company’s Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Development in order to meet the established objectives for growth and profitability of Raha Beverages Co. Ltd

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

Reports to: Managing Director, and is accountable to the Board of Directors

Supervises: hierarchically. Provides leadership to departmental employees and 3 depot officers in charge, typically spanning a wide geographical area.

Main Tasks: 

Develops, within the framework of the organisational strategy, the strategy and policy on the areas of Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Product Development, in order to ensure product profit contribution to the company; includes the development of the Price Strategies (in consultation of the Director of Operations on productions costs), the Product-Market Positioning Strategy and the Customer Service Strategy

- Executes, after approval of the Board of Directors, the strategy and policy; translates strategy and policy into annual department plans through accurately forecasting of revenue streams, and into individual goals on employee level; establishes and monitors its implementations by measuring and ensuring to meet and exceed sales and revenue targets and increased market share and by contributing to increased profitability; evaluates the achievements.

- Develops, coordinates and keeps track of the departmental budget in coordination with the Chief Accountant; ensures optimal use of the budget and increased efficiency and controls staying within budgetary lines; seeks authorization from Managing Director in case of expenditures needed outside the budget.

- Supervises employees of own department and the depot officers in charge who run the depots in a way that keeps employees motivated; executes the company’s HR policy including performance evaluation on subordinate; provides clarity of tasks, reviews level of skills and identifies need for staff development, including organizing appropriate trainings and HR succession planning (promotion, replacement and recruitment).

- Direct and coordinates overall Sales and Marketing activities, including the development, management and realization of increased effectiveness and efficiency of Sales, Marketing, and Product Development procedures, processes and systems in such a way that the sales targets are met; identifies (internal and external) opportunities for improvements, translates and implements those within of the organisation.

- Develops and maintains awareness and knowledge of the markets and requirements in order to pro-actively adapt to constant shifts in the marketplace; continuously conducts in-depth market research on costumers demands, product competition, quality, valuable emerging markets, etc.; conducts internal analysis in cooperation with the Chief Accountant; analyses the outcomes and interprets the external versus internal focus; stays up to date of world-wide developments; identifies internal (such as taping into the existing network and distribution channel) and external (such as exporting) opportunities and foresees and avoids stagnation in the marketplace; integrates information from all sources to develop a well-informed, diverse perspective and presents to the Managing Director.

- Initiates, encourages and provides leadership for Product and Market Development to increase company’s profitability; pro-actively consults the production manager; identifies and co-decides on innovative new opportunities such as the introduction of new (local and international) market opportunities and further introduction of buy-in and sell products and export possibilities in cooperation of the Managing Director; suggests improvements of existing products marketing wise; consults with Operations Department and conducts pilots with customers.

- Conducts marketing activities to ensure a strong market positioning of the company and to increase awareness of existing products in the market; develops promotional and sales plans; coordinates the design of the promotion materials; plans and implements sales campaigns, quality promotions and sponsorship events; distributes promotions; evaluates all marketing activities to determine the impact on sales.

- Increases Market share; determines the market share with reliable research and tools; develops standard market shares for all products in each region; calculates the market share in relation to the competitors and develops plans on how to control them; introduces existing products in nearby county; identifies new opportunities in the same markets.

- Continuously ensures the Branding Style is unique and fits with market; reviews branding of company products and coordinates the process; establishes and maintains company branded bottles; improves the quality the packaging materials; interacts with the Operations department about demands for the bottle and packaging designs; develops and implements guidelines on how to track company branded bottles and crates in the market and on how to control abuses.

- Ensures the distribution of finished goods in an efficient way to increase sales volume in the most efficient way; develops, expands and maintains a solid channel of distributions; reviews and adjusts if needed the sales routes for all depots.

- Manages and governance the depots in an efficient and effective way to increase sales; coordinates and controls depots activities and logistics; ensures on-time stocks; coordinates with engineering about the utilization and hiring of vehicles.

- Establishes and enforces company intellectual property rights and compliance with Regulatory Authorities.

- Maintains relations with important stakeholders; seeks out major (potential) clients and forms working relationships with the premier buyers in the industry.

- Serves as a business representative at major industry events, conferences, trade shows and expositions.

- Contributes and delivers input, as member of the Management Team, to the organizational strategy and overall profitability; prepares monthly and quarterly Performance report to the MD covering achievements, setbacks and future plans for growth strategy; meets with management team to discuss achievements and to exchange department’s developments; meets quarterly with the Board of Directors to present department’s part of the consolidated Performance report.

- Conducts other duties as assigned by the Managing Director.


- Internally with Board of Directors about Strategic issues, with management team about strategic and tactical issues, budgets and New Product Developments' with overall company Managers about company-wide issues and updates; with own officers who are in charge of the depots and employees about day-to-day operational and staff related issues.

- Externally with national and international buyers and (potential) partners; with customers to stay up to date about market needs; with Regulatory Authorities to stay up to date about regulations and norms, with external organizations who are involved in conducting marketing activities.

Key Result Areas:

- Strategy, policy and annual sales plan and targets (including budget) development and execution

- Sales

- (E-)Marketing

- New Product and Market Development

- Distribution

- Depot Management

Competencies, if

Leadership - Focusing and guiding others in accomplishing work objectives. Motivating, inspiring and coaching the workforce. Developing others by reviewing and analyzing

applicable (soft skills):

employees’ strengths and weaknesses; identifying and responding to their talents and development needs, making sure staff are enhanced appropriately.

Building a Successful Team - Using appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to help build a cohesive team; facilitating the completion of team goals.

Communication - Conveying information and ideas to individuals or groups in a written and oral format on different levels (from production staff to Board of Directors) in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.

Accountability - Holding self and others accountable for measurable high-quality, timely, and cost-effective results. Accepting responsibility for mistakes. Complying with established control systems and rules.

Innovative thinking - Developing new insights into situations; questions conventional approaches; encourages new ideas and innovations; designs and implements new or cutting edge business

Customer relations - Anticipates and meets the needs of both customers. Delivers high- quality products and services; is committed to continuous improvement.

Adaptability / Flexibility - Being receptive to new ideas, work structures, processes or requirements; willing and able to change own behavioral style and/or views in order to attain a set goal while maintaining effectiveness.

Judgment and Decision making - Identifying and understanding issues, problems, and opportunities; using effective approaches for choosing a course of action or developing appropriate solutions; taking action that is consistent with available facts, constraints, and probable consequences.

Organizational Skills - Managing time appropriately, setting priorities and tasks, controlling the progress of employees’ processes, tasks, or activities and of one’s own work and responsibilities.

Results Driven - Meeting objectives on time, balancing cost and quality.

Problem Solving - Overcoming obstacles to meet a stated goal and involves discovering and analyzing problems.

Analytic and monitoring - Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals and departments to analyse a situation, comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions and coming forward with logical improvements or corrective actions.

Influence and Negotiating - Using persuasion to gain the support and cooperation from stakeholders, customers, superiors, colleagues, subordinates and other parties to achieve a desired course of action consistent with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

Delegation - Allocating decision-making authority and/or task responsibility to appropriate staff members; making effective use of staff members' time and potential.

Continuous Learning - Understanding the implications of new information for both current and future problems-solving and decision-making.

Entrepreneurship - Recognizing and evaluating (market) opportunities for (new) products and acting accordingly, taking measured risks into account.


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